A Male World.

The world without women

seems to be uncommon

why not we create the world?

how can we make the world?

let us appeal to God to change… 99 more words


What Is Love?

Timmy just left for offshore this morning, WOOHOO! Yeah….not really lol. I’m always so lost without him here. The good thing is he will only be gone a couple days. 604 more words


A Compliment a Day...

The world which we live in is such an evil place, it is fast becoming an over populated hellhole. People seem to be in a constant state of hatred. 489 more words


To My Angel

It’s been 7 years since we said goodbye.That has been one of the toughest days for me.  Everyday that passes its becoming a little easier but it still hurts not having you here. 149 more words


What a Magnificent Weekend Thus Far

I have been quite busy this past week I apologize for not keeping everyone up to date on everything that’s been going on.  I have been caught up with my job and numerous other things.   447 more words