What a Sweetie~

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything… forgive me? I’m mostly writing nowadays and if you haven’t heard of my other site yet, well click the link… 176 more words


- haiku # 100 -

Scooping up the earth,

a refusal to crumble

in my mortal hands.

D.J. Whisenant


I don't know about You, but I'm feeling 22

I’m officially 22. Exciting!

21 has been a great and awesome year, the most adventurous and most productive year. I graduated; adopted my second fur baby; had my first job; dealt with the number of men I had in 5 years. 469 more words


Dies, died, will die.

A death of single, great man was able to infect the air of an entire nation with solemness. To another person, a close kin passing away today, may bring him/her great pain. 330 more words

The Struggle is Real

Yet another sluggish day! WHY do I keep doing this to myself. I know what my goals are and how I want to look in a few months so why have I not made any effort? 484 more words