My 2nd Meeting with the Jeweler before the Long Weekend

Well it’s finally Friday and I met with the jeweler this afternoon.  I went in to look at the 10 diamonds that he bring in for me to look at.   402 more words


The Weeks Almost Over Who Else Is Ready for a Long Weekend

Well my work week is over, and I don’t have to work until Wednesday of next week.  I’m so excited to have a 5 day weekend and my paid holiday.   496 more words


Unless they're gone

One of life’s irony is to see the worth of an existence when it’s already gone…

A special someone..

A close friend…

A family member. 268 more words



Does a time and place exist,

where our worlds will collide.

Where we cross the bridges,

fly to the other side.

Does a time and place exist, 95 more words


I'll Grow Old with You

In light of this being our anniversary week, I hope you will forgive me for not posting something yesterday, and I hope you might indulge me today as I repost something I blogged a little while back for my sweetheart (as you will see by the “info” given). 631 more words


Burn That Bridge

I woke up this morning with the ideas of burning bridges, friendships, and experiences weighing heavy on my mind. There are so many experiences in life that allow you to be in certain places with certain people at certain times, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but each experience gives you a choice: back track to an old path, continue on your current path, or begin a new path based on the experience in front of you, but each path you take will have curves, bumps, road blocks of some kind and hitchhikers (strangers, acquaintances, friends, family, lovers, etc) along the way that will affect your future. 1,462 more words


To all the Single Ladies: Worship while you wait


I know its been awhile since I have posted anything…again…but I choose to speak when I know God has shared something with me that I should share. 798 more words