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"The Green Labyrinth"

Ever since we decided to revive our kitchen garden, my eyes have been hooked to the earth for eternity. From waking up early in the morning to sprinkling the soil with water, I’ve been doing everything to witness the seeds finally sprout from under the soil bringing forth the first sign of Green. 428 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

“Your heart is as stone” is the worst insult someone can throw at you. Hearts break easily. But stones break too. Stones are as vulnerable to the ravages of emotions, time and forces of nature as is the heart. 90 more words


The tale of two cities all alike

I remember the day I was leaving for my first job in Chennai, how maa got paranoid given the heat in the city. It was the month of May and I had been scared to the hilt on what the city would do to me. 254 more words


AskMe Food Bloggers meet: Skillet @ Hablis, Chennai

Few weeks back, happened to attend the ASKMe Bazaar’s food bloggers meet on May 2nd 2015. This was through Chennai Food Guide as one member from our Hungry Hippos group spotted it. 514 more words


Interview with Diabolus Arcanium

DIABOLUS ARCANIUM, One of the Indian Symphonic Black Metal Band formed in 2011.The Band’s lyrical themes are either on Satanic Philosophy,death,war, Lost love and so on.They are Overwhemled by the response they got for their Album ‘Spellbound’ which was released in 2014.They are soon going to release their New Album “Path of Ascension”. 601 more words



It feels weird, inside your chest for some reason, when you know you can’t be with someone and you are still kinda okay with it. Whats even weirder is to keep falling for someone only to find out later that they are not “available”, for whatever reason. 132 more words