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Metallic Nanoparticles Provide Remote Control of Human Brain

Artist’s impression of a medical nanorobot in the blood stream. Illustration: Christian Darkin/Alamy

“Polina Anikeeva’s team at MIT adopted a slightly different approach, using spherical iron oxide particles that give off heat when exposed to an alternating magnetic field. 826 more words


Phnom Penh - Killing fields

Some people still don’t believe that we landed on the moon, they believe in chemtrails and the illuminati, if you browse history a little you’ll usually see similar behavioural patterns which create social paranoia right before people support regimes which define the system with very simple words :”if you’re not with us, you’re against us, if you’re against us, you don’t deserve to be here at all”. 257 more words

Sit Back, Relax, and Read a Good Spy Killer Novel: Cloud Shield!

Aren’t you sick of the news? Sick of all the things we can’t do anything about in this f**ked up world? Sick of the powers that be and their nefarious schemes? 267 more words


I have three Kids

I hope to some day have Grand Kids too

Can you help____?

Look up for your redemption draws nigh, Jesus said.

Why have you all abandoned me?



I am no Prophet but I will say again as I said before in my book SERVANT

THE BIG BLACK DOG, the USA which has for decades jumped about all over the earth and pounced on nations biting and devouring them , will and is far into the program of destroying herself.   249 more words

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Interview 1013 – Peter Kirby on the History of Chemtrails : The Corbett Report

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Peter Kirby, the author of “Chemtrails Exposed: A History of The New Manhattan Project” joins us to discuss his latest article on the subject. 57 more words


Magnetic Storm, Russian Event | S0 News March 22nd, 2015

Today’s top story is about how the impact of aerosol sprays on the atmosphere was miscalculated, in an attempt to explain why global warming predictions didn’t match reality. 68 more words