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Keep Your Lips Off the Blarney Stone (if you don't want to piss of kant)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

They say that a philosopher is by definition a lover of wisdom.

Because the philosopher loves wisdom, he realizes that to genuinely know something, that something must be true. 1,290 more words

Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 10

Psssst. Hey. Hey. You awake? That’s what a lot of activists would like to ask you and billions of other people today. We’re here with our mumbo-jumbo-destroying roundup of the top actual news in cyberwar, hacktivism, and related fields. 298 more words


news: the Monday dozen

I know I haven’t posted one of these in a few days, but that’s not because there wasn’t much to note. Below is a full baker’s dozen, though some are echoes of stories already on our radar. 409 more words

Human Rights

General David Petraeus: Too Big To Jail

Roger’s note: recently I have been posting articles about despicable human beings (Churchill, General Patton)  who have become heroes in the public domain as a result of a phenomenon I refer to as “in the capitalist world for the most part the shit rises to the top.”  This theory can be demonstrated in a single word: “Bush.”  In our time such cretinous creatures as Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney have wielded enormous power over long periods of time and live lives of luxurious comfort while literally millions suffer from their actions.  2,248 more words

Criminal Justice

Chelsea Manning Can No Longer Be Called 'He' by the Military, Court Rules

The U.S. military is now required to refer to former soldier Chelsea Manning with a feminine pronoun or the gender-neutral Private First Class Manning, according to a new… 163 more words

Military recognizes WikiLeaks defendant Manning as a woman

WASHINGTON (AP) — A military appeals court is recognizing the transgender defendant accused of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks as a woman.

The U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals in Washington issued the order pertaining to Chelsea Manning on Wednesday. 103 more words


Edward Snowden will return home to the US only if he gets a fair trial...

While I still believe what Edward Snowden did was heroic and brave, I think he should stay in Russia permanently. Even if he successfully walks out of trial a free man, it’s still not gonna be safe for him here. 109 more words