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Edward Snowden will return home to the US only if he gets a fair trial...

While I still believe what Edward Snowden did was heroic and brave, I think he should stay in Russia permanently. Even if he successfully walks out of trial a free man, it’s still not gonna be safe for him here. 109 more words


When it's wrong to keep your word

Edward Snowden was trusted with keeping a secret. When he took a job working as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA), he voluntarily took an oath pledging to not divulge classified information about the US government’s electronic surveillance programs. 855 more words

Guess what, journalists: data retention isn't all about you

In his most recent podcast, The 9pm Malcolm and the Cnuts, Stilgherrian talks about how journalists tend to go on and on about topics that only journalists give a stuff about, such as Canberra power games. 508 more words


Random Headlines -- Trans Exclusionary Radfem Edition

Slate – Can cis lesbians and trans women learn to get along?

Salon – The hate group masquerading as feminists. (Originally published Jul. 11, 2013) 71 more words


Linkspam 4

In Norwegen wurde das Format des Reality-TVs mal positiv genutzt, um jungen norwegischen Fashion-Blogger_n_innen die Unüberlegtheit westlichen Konsumismus aufzuzeigen.

Mandelbrötchen schrieb vor einigen Wochen über den Unterschied zwischen Antisexualität und A_sexualität bzw. 244 more words


Hormone therapy approved for Chelsea Manning

WASHINGTON, (UPI) — Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, has been approved for hormone therapy by the U.S. Army.

Manning was convicted of leaking classified military documents to the journalistic organization Wikileaks in 2013. 165 more words


Prison approves hormone treatment for Chelsea Manning, former analyst who leaked classified documents

WASHINGTON — The Army has approved gender-reassignment hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning, the former intelligence analyst convicted of espionage for sending classified documents to the WikiLeaks website, but says she can’t grow out her hair. 456 more words