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Chattanooga this Chattanooga that – 

Boston’s bigger than Cleveland – 

Oregon’s green, New York’s black –  

Blue collar jobs gone to China

White collar crime on the rise… 158 more words


@LARGE Ai Weiwei at Alcatraz

Seven distinct exhibition areas and an incredibly rich artistic programme comprise the @LARGE Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz exhibition. Addressing political prisoners of conscience worldwide (Beijing-based Ai was once imprisoned for eighteen months in his home country of China and is since forbidden to leave), the exhibition questions state versus self-agency in a series of sites for metaphoric exploration and encounters with individual prisoners of conscience in past and current times. 634 more words

Chelsea Manning: international legal challenges to verdicts/sentence explored

The publication at the end of last year of the US Senate report into CIA torture provides an opportunity for the international community to directly intervene in the fate of the person who might well be described as the catalyst for that report – namely, the whistleblower Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, who is serving 35 years imprisonment. 1,275 more words


Political Smears in U.S. Never Change: the NYT’s 1967 Attack on MLK’s Anti-War Speech

 The attack of the NYT editors on King for that speech is strikingly familiar, because it’s completely identical to how anti-war advocates in the U.S. are maligned today.

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Constitutional Rights

From Chelsea Manning's first jailhouse interview to Rand Paul's media mistakes

Chelsea Manning gives her first interview about undergoing gender transition behind bars, Maya Angelou gets a commemorative stamp and Rand Paul mansplains journalism to a news anchor. 6 more words

Women's Rights

Vilifying WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning by Hearsay

A Plethora of Unsupported Statements

From back when WikiLeaks first began publishing the information given to the public record by Chelsea Manning in 2010 right up until now, statements have been widely disseminated by officials, media, and other commentators in the public ear, alleging ‘harm’ to the United States and individuals from the publication of the documents. 1,840 more words

Julian Assange

Five Years On, the WikiLeaks 'Collateral Murder' Video Matters More than Ever

So, as Collateral Murder turns five, rather than looking at the video as a curiosity from a bygone conflict, we should watch it again and consider how the film continues to speak to us about the state of contemporary geo-politics, journalism and whistleblowing.

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Military Madness