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Twisted | Stuffed Burgers and Bleu Cheese Wedges

It’s kinda crazy, kinda sassy and kinda ME! This is one TWISTED burger y’all!

Click here for the recipe: Twisted.


Food Fight! Poutine vs. Cheeseburger

This week includes the national holiday’s of both Canada and the United States. Canada Day/Fête du Canada is the national day of Canada, celebrating the Constitution Act enacted on July 1, 1867. 452 more words

Flavour Of The Week

Is Homosexuality and Transsexualism Dangerous or Wrong?

Short answer: no, but if you want proof then keep reading.

There have been a lot of comments lately on various things in light of Caitlyn Jenner and homosexual marriage being legal in all 50 states now and, frankly, some of the comments are a bit confusing. 785 more words


More burgers...mmmm....AtG

I’d say top three local or regional brewers in town so I got no problem going there looking for a burger. Although their best burger isn’t even a burger at all. 83 more words

The Hayberry – Crow’s Nest

Bianca: During a Friday spent accompanying Alex, photographing some of Sydney iconic pizza’s a month or so back, I just knew I had to throw a burger into the mix. 482 more words

Restaurant Reviews

Day 8: bad habit

A bad habit that I have is how unhealthy I eat. especially when it comes to burgers, I’m terrible at eating healthy things and here I am eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger right before prom when I’m supposed to be looking pretty.. 40 more words