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Culinary tid-bits & happenings, UK.

Felipe Fuentes Cruz rolled out 100 tortillas stretching 65ft as he attempted to make Britain’s biggest burrito just off London’s bustling Oxford Street. The head chef of the Benito’s Hat Mexican food chain piled on 65kg of chicken, 5kg of tomatoes and more than a pound of coriander to the music of a mariachi band in a record-breaking effort that took seven hours to complete. 430 more words


Vegetables on the brink? Make my 'Quickle Pickle!'

Leftover Cucumber/Pepper/Carrot Pickle

I have recently demonstrated recipes and have given talks at two ‘Stop food waste’ talks in Sligo & Leitrim, and this appeared to be one of the most popular with the crowd. 160 more words


Bacon, Cheese and Onion Slice

Serves: 4

Ingredients: 1 tblsp cooking oil; 2 onions, finely chopped; 8oz (225g) puff pastry; English or Dijon mustard; 4oz (100g) smoked bacon, chopped; 4oz (100g) cheddar cheese, grated; sesame seeds, to garnish… 318 more words


Cheese is (D)electable - ("Choose Cheese!")


I can either write a poem about cheese

(“Choose Cheese!”)

A ‘Homage’ to ‘Fromage!’

(“Choose Cheese!”)

Or, I can be political…


…and pen a ‘Barrage’ against ‘Farage!) 187 more words


The Sunday Pizza - Spicy Italian Sausage Pie

This week’s Sunday Pizza comes from the cooksrecipes website, Spicy Italian Sausage Pie. The CooksRecipes site has an endless collection of recipes for all cuisines, check it out soon! 215 more words


Healthy Sandwich Recipes and Healthy Panini Recipes

Here’s some delicious and Healthy Sandwich Recipes and Healthy Panini Recipes. It’s all from the EatingWell website, Enjoy! http://www.eatingwell.com/

Healthy Sandwich Recipes and Healthy Panini Recipes… 195 more words


OverTheWire Krypton 3-4

Now listening to Dan Carlin’s Common Sense Episode “Past Performance & Future Results”

Well since I’m not getting much traction on my real world write ups, here’s some good ol’fashioned tutorials. 702 more words