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Creating Traditions: Our little wine collection...

Every now and then I stumble upon an epic wine cellar on Pinterest; a girl can dream. Drinking, buying, collecting and gifting wine is so common. 390 more words

Days Off Be Like

Queens. Week 10

Woa, week 10 already?

I’ve gone to Paris, returned, gotten my dream job, started designing trashion and so much more. Most importantly I’ve visited a new place or done a new activity every week – it’s been super awesome. 52 more words

"To Your Mother" - The Toast With the Most

It’s believed that in ancient times, people toasted as a form of protection from being poisoned. They would clank their glasses together, purposely spilling one drink into the other to insure that each person was drinking from the same “well.” Over the years, it’s become a symbol for spreading goodwill or honoring a person at weddings, events and dinners. 361 more words


Artık blogspot'da...

Bizim Hikayemiz

Bira yapmak ciddi bir o kadar da keyifli bir uğraş…

2013 Aralık ayında bir denemeyle başladı maceramız. Evde kendi birasını yapanlara ulaşmak, onlarla birlikte daha iyiye gitmek ve bu kültürü yaymak amacıyla kendi internet sitemizi kurmaya karar verdik. 169 more words


“If we always wait til we’re ready, we’ll never start.”

I’ve lost so much time waiting to be ready and waiting for opportunities, I rather create the space for both by living life and loving myself regardless of any decision I do or don’t make…

43 more words