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Saying 'Cheers' in different languages

New York City is a cultural melting pot. The city attracts people from all different walks of life and brings them together from the most unknown regions across the world. 140 more words

The Sandbar- who wouldn't want to go to a bar named that!?

I was immediately attracted to this bar from the minute I heard it’s name- The Sandbar.  Yes, doesn’t it sound amazing? Good vibes always when thoughts of a sandbar come to mind, so we thought we’d try it out!  450 more words

in which we never actually reach our destination

We enjoyed the journey to Rolex, but the rain deterred us from making the drive to Lexington Horse Park for a significantly shortened participant roster. 118 more words

Things I Love

Why blog, and with such a big word.

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for the past oh.. 5 years (give or take). Sure I dabbled a bit in college, during those precious times I didn’t have 20 pagers or nonsensical discussion boards to comment on, but I was never drawn to blogging. 772 more words


Cheers (Drink To That)

Its finally Friday! I’ve been seeing that all over my timeline. It must have been a long week for a lot of you. So I have a very fitting song for this occasion. 82 more words

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