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Memories of a special friend

My good friend Terese had many medical problems, surgeries and diabetes, but we never expected to lose her so young. Other than family, she was the closest person to Monica. 832 more words

Down Syndrome

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sun-loving, open

NaPoWriMo Day 27 prompted us to write hay(na)ku.


Here comes the sun

Sunshine! We all long for it, especially in the throes of the deep, dark winter. Here in Germany, we had one of the darkest winters in the past 50 years! 625 more words

No use having light unless you open the curtains. (Flash fiction)

“It’s no use having light if you don’t open the curtains. Look it’s a beautiful day outside!”

Sometimes her sister’s sunny disposition would get Amber down. 427 more words


Optimism and hope as tools of inadvertent cruelty

The cultural imperative of cheerfulness tends to worsen suffering.  When unhappiness is shushed, when real sources of suffering are denied or minimized, victims of abuse, illness, poverty, and injustice are painted as the source of their own wretchedness.  479 more words