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Free ions

A bit embarrassing to say, but I believe my whole purpose in opening up my WordPress site the last 3 times today (didn’t write every time) was to see if my “personal reader” had checked in. 556 more words

Checking In

Quarter life crisis (almost) 

I was thinking about how I’m so torn between oh no it’s the end of my degree, I’ll miss being a student, being almost carefree, the late nights in the library and yes, the common perception that we live on noodles at the end of each month is almost true. 566 more words


Steak and fried rice

Peace.  Blue sky.  Daughter and son-in-law stayed overnight, but perhaps left already to hike?   Doesn’t matter.  Nice and quiet:)

Rather late birthday celebration for eldest daughter last evening, since older boys detoured to pick up the cake and her gift (she had planned on buying an iPod-compatible stereo for her car, so they bought her one). 425 more words

Checking In

Just checking in.

Hi again everyone. I know it’s been a case of “long time, no see” but I promise I haven’t forgotten about this site. I hope you haven’t forgotten about me either. 232 more words


Faint wisps of despair melted into calm....

Odd week emotionally.

Blog emotions – is this real journaling?  Should I, instead of making it public, try and connect with one faithful reader and … 1,239 more words

Checking In



Tentative optimism.

Shame for yesterday’s blog outburst.

Last evening I lay next to my husband, envisioning/playing out in my head the conversation were I to try and communicate the myriad emotions of the day… 144 more words

Checking In

Music of the 1970s

I like music of the 1970s. The 70s were my influential years; the years I entered my teens, graduated high school, fell in love for the first time and became married. 252 more words