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Meh Sunday

Date stamp: Sunday February 1, 2015

Sunday February 1, 2015

I’m cheating with a one sided scrap paper, because it’s easy. There are many cheaters in life, so I might as well be one of them once in a while. 128 more words

How I made a "Vegas lady" disappear from a Boys Weekend trip.

We all agree that sometimes men can be a a little crazy when they are all together. About two years ago I got a phone call from a guy I will call him “Mark”. 590 more words

Red Flag: Do NOT Be the Other Woman

Ladies ladies ladies…

There are always going to be guys that we make exceptions for. Maybe he doesn’t have the best job, or he has a weird Midwestern accent, or he is a bit too pale. 373 more words


Dear Affair Partner

I am HER. I’m the pretty (thanks for the compliment) wife to The Player. You knew he was married and had kids. You knew I knew nothing about you two. 863 more words


An Ode to Hoes

I’m not talking about women who sleep around, I’m all for frequent, consensual sexual encounters. I’m talking about the liars. The men and women who pretend to be loyal friends and then sleep with the significant other of one of the people they just went to coffee with. 370 more words



I feel good, i look good, and most of all. I AM FREE.