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Listening to the early warning signs

It has to be said…not all is fair in the game of love.

How often do you listen to the early warning signs that a relationship you might be seeking might not be the right one for you? 876 more words


My tongue hurts.

I bit my tongue so much over the years, it is a holy tongue now.

This is where Karma comes into its own.

Yes you did all these things to me sugar, and yes i let you. You see at that time i was weak, i did not want to cause drama, and i did not want to make people think badly of me. 31 more words

You know you're a badass, right?

Since shit went down a year and a half ago and I found out I was married to a cheater for 20 years, I’ve come across a number of amazing spouses who have also been through the same hell. 743 more words

To Stay Or To Go

Oops, still pretending?

Some people cannot admit to losing somebody, so they invent an imaginary spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/or friend to fill that gap.

You fool nobody but yourself sugar. But it is funny. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Blow Me

I had a little drama…

remember, I hate drama.

I got a little mad….

remember, I sometimes see red when I’m mad.

I started thinking…. 814 more words

In the beginning.....

Finding a place to start seems next to impossible. where does my story even really begin? is it

when i was a child. is it when i began school or when i first fell in love. 2,144 more words

Almost Lovers