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Safety in numbers

So I’m hanging out with my extended family for pre memorial day festivities.

Its a first for me because its hard to trust a man I am dating around women because of all the women I have allowed into my circle who have done their dirt behind my back. 665 more words

Even Kids Cheat - Straight Savage

I first got cheated on when I was in grade 5 – quite a heart breaking story really, considering that I had no initial interest in the relationship to begin with. 186 more words


Prevent the madness..

I have to speak to my fellas for a second..
If you have a woman who doesn’t REALLY “need” you, you need to do whatever you have to do to make sure she is well taken care of. 320 more words

May 22nd, 2015

I was awoken, awoke…awoked, awakesd… woken up at the unmentionable hour of 7 am. The girls were all texting each other their plans for breakfast. I forget that they are still on mainland time, so 7 am feels like 10 am to them. 678 more words

One Year In Hawaii

I Fell In Love With A Serial Cheater

He was with her for almost two years and he cheated on her with about ten different girls. He only has sex with one of the girls. 619 more words

I'm flattered, but...

I always attract the wrong guys! They’re always already in a relationship and I always find out in a crazy way. Anyway, I’m flattered that you like me soooooooo much that you’d be willing to cheat or leave her for me…but, nah bruh…I’m good

Cheaters:Kraft and Pats Forced to Back Down Against Insurmountable Evidence

BountyGate, SpyGate, GrannyGate (Yes, that’s a thing.), TattooGate, NoiseGate, YoMamaGate (No, that’s not a thing) and now, DeflateGate.

Whether it be the result of the average sports fan/mainstream media’s love of coming together to create problems that don’t exist or the result of important multimillionaire and billionaire sports people actually engaging in shady shenanigans (What?! 1,350 more words