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Utopia of a woman.

Be a lady, they said,

People would notice, they said.

It wasn’t people,

It wasn’t others.

It wasn’t the need for me to be a lady at all. 549 more words


Over a month ago, I promised a fellow blogger Dan Munro, that I would do a blog about one of his, he didn’t pay me to write this – “brilliant” blogs from Inspirational Life – 1,108 more words

Post Modern Femme Fatale

The Worthless Ruby

Ruby. Ruby Didi, as I remember her. I was a 12 year old, awkwardly short, fat, short haired, pimple faced kid struggling to grow into my body. 872 more words

Indian Women

Put Your Partner In Their Place

This message concludes the current series on marriage by examining an infamous passage of scripture.
Ephesians 5:21-33 contains some language that might sound sexist and oppressive to women in our postmodern context. 152 more words

One Jamila and One Tea

Jamila is a woman and she is the Member (MLA, Member of Legislative Assembly) of Kerala State. She has become notoriously famous as an aggressive female chauvinist and feminist. 70 more words

Flash Fiction

Equality for Men

As a man, I am very concerned about recent developments that I feel are not compatible with gender roles. As a responsible male, all I want to say is that “things” have worked very well in past. 296 more words


How to Get Your In-Laws to Pay for Dinner

My in-laws are evolved Indians. They consider their son and daughter as equals and are as horrified by the misogyny that sometimes envelops Indian culture. They are both educated, well traveled, and generations ahead of their peers when it comes to gender equality. 249 more words

Indian Women