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The death penalty

Like a middle manager
he sympathetically consults,
“There is really nothing
that I can do.”
This he smilingly says
as he pulls levers
and moves the gears… 65 more words

Current Events

Behind the scenes tips

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot, but especially a newborn shoot. I transform my home into a functioning studio.  191 more words


Grey heron, Chattanooga TN

I was surprised at how close this heron let me come before he flew away.

Nature Photography

Proud to be part of Chattanooga's Southside

Rebirth from 1997 to the present: Grants and old buildings attract a first wave of businesses, galleries and residences. Now with an $8 million Choo Choo renovation, 40 new homes in Jefferson Heights, and long lines at restaurants like Clydes on Main, the Southside is reclaiming its place in the heart of Chattanooga. Learn more.

Go Zip Lining

Zip Lining is not something new to me. My love for floating in the air while attached to a cord started the first time I ever went to church camp. 191 more words

Before I Die

Broadband & States Rights with Thom Stark

Thom Stark and I are continuing our conversation. One of the goals of this dialogue, similar to what I am doing with Becky Akers (Conversation with an Anarchist) is to show that reasonable people can disagree in a sincere and robust manner without acting like Neanderthals. 1,837 more words

Lela Markham

Pickup Crash During Evening News Coverage - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Be safe out there boys and girls. Drive as fast as the conditions allow.  If you want to get loose takes it to a parking lot.