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Dr Johnson, Dickens and tea

I think we could all be forgiven for not knowing that it was English Tourism Week, and I only found out by accident a few days ago. 216 more words

Chateau D'If

Wandering Marseille

Some cities make you work hard to discover its personality and flavour. Others are easy. No real planning ahead is required as you’ll discover much just by strapping on a pair of good walking shoes and wandering. 989 more words


Welcome to The South of France

“The South of France” is something referred to constantly in movies and novels almost to the point where it does not seem like it could possibly be a real place. 636 more words



I had absolutely zero expectations about Marseille. Which is probably the reason I loved it…
Whenever I’d mentioned to anyone that I was headed to Marseille their reaction was always the same: “eeeeeeh, yeah, Marseille, sure” 776 more words


The Phocean City

If you have already visited the City of Love and you’re wondering where else to go in France, why not to leave for Marseilles? I do believe you won’t regret it as it’s hugged between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea which suggests diverse climate and nature. 778 more words

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