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Not All Eggs Are Golden

We all know that creativity and inspiration comes and goes in waves. Sometimes the Muse hangs out with you, and sometimes she disappears for weeks, months, maybe even years, at a time. 346 more words

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Look what else came in the mail!

A while back we had a little discussion here about books that made an indelible mark on us. You can totally check out that original post… 560 more words

Chasing The Muse

The Horror of it All

A few weeks back, I started a conversation on what makes a book a good book. If you haven’t seen the first two posts and would like to check them out, here’s a couple of links. 842 more words

Chasing The Muse

Thawing Out

This was a freaking long winter. I don’t think anyone in the Northern Hemisphere will deny it, unless you’re in California. The weather has strange effects on people, and long, cold winters are especially problematic… 253 more words

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Grab 'em by the hair and don't let go!

It’s 9:30 on Wednesday morning and I should be in my office finishing up my morning work and getting ready to write. Or, I should be folding the basket of laundry sitting next to me on the sofa. 667 more words

Chasing The Muse

For the love of it

Have you ever noticed that inspiration often comes from the most unlikely places? I’ve been bouncing around for the past six months or so, jotting down story notes, once in a while I’d drop into a pretty good writing groove, and then…oh, what’s that? 420 more words

Chasing The Muse

Let It Go

If any of you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have picked up on the fact that I’ve been in a bit of a freak-out over a story that I’ve been working on lately. 449 more words