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Dress and Shoes, Fashionable!

My friend made a picture by PS, there are dresses and shoes on the picture,very very beautiful.

I will share it with you here, the following is the picture: 44 more words


She Be a Poet - Everybody's Pushin'

Everybody’s pushin’, tap in tap out, the train of life. Squeezin’ past and touchin’, where you’ve never dared before, her Gucci bag takes up more space, lodged, it blocks the door.  182 more words

the name.

The meaning behind the blog name.

Simply Charming Life

For year’s I have been obsessed with the idea of “Simply Charming.” I think those two words describe what I want in my own life. 105 more words


Excerpt from book...

……………sitting in the Botanical Gardens thinking about her life and what had happen to her to change it in the last two months.

The Botanical Gardens, was a large park with various big trees and lush green grass that stretched across from one point to the other.  149 more words


DOUBLE FEATURE: Tokyo Black Cat Girl & Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode

Although Tokyo Mew Mew was clearly the most successful of her works, Ikumi Mia drew several other shoujo manga during her period of activity. Kodansha’s omnibus releases bless us with all of them, including her oneshots “Sleeping Beauty of Berry Forest,” “Bunnies Dropping Stars,” and…one other I’ve since forgotten. 1,545 more words

Magic Warrior

Fashionable and Charming Ring

I was attracted by a ring, and I collected the picture, today I will share it with you.

Very beautiful and charming, right? do you like it? 55 more words