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The Task: Watch and write about every movie on my shelf, in order (Blu-rays are sorted after DVDs), by June 10, 2015.  Remaining movies: 109  863 more words


Planet of the Apes Poster Gallery

While many of today’s pop culture fans look back and point to Star Trek or Star Wars as defining moments of their childhood years, I look to the original Ape series with a similar fondness. 602 more words


Everything in Planet of the Apes (1968) Came from These 6 Twilight Zone Episodes

It’s no secret that Rod Serling co-wrote the screenplay to the original Planet of the Apes in 1968. That was four years after his signature TV series, … 1,006 more words


Secret of the Incas

Certain movies just seem to stick in the mind for one reason or another, sometimes not the whole film but a scene or two or maybe even only part of a scene. 1,133 more words


The Private War of Major Benson (1955)

Trying to locate a change of pace during his long shoot of The Ten Commandments, Charlton Heston sought out this military comedy released by Universal International. 615 more words

Daily Take

There is a Redeemer

Day 16 of 40 days to Resurrection day

Today’s suggestion:

Read Exodus 7 – 10 about God demonstrating His power in Egypt.

Charlton Heston as Moses in the movie ‘The Ten Commandments” 366 more words

True Lies (1994) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

True Lies (1994) Directed by James Cameron. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Art Malik, Bill Paxton, Eliza Dushku and Tia Carrere.

In 1994, $115m was a… 521 more words

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