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Ben-Hur Review

They really don’t make movies like Ben-Hur anymore. In some ways that’s the biggest takeaway from this movie; the look, feel, and sound of the movie is just so fundamentally different than today’s films that I found myself not paying attention to the story and just marveling at the movie making that was laid out before me. 1,353 more words

2015 Movie Challenge

Castaway (1986) Oliver Reed Fest Day 4

I settled on revisiting this Reed film for a variety of reasons. I wanted to include something from the eighties that wasn’t necessarily from his years of low budget fodder. 864 more words

Daily Take

“Political Correctness is just tyranny with manners.”

~Charlton Heston


A Blast From The Past: Charlton Heston Explains The Ratings System


Are you confused by the ratings system?  Well, fortunately for you, Charlton Heston was willing to take some time out of his tennis game in order to explain it to you.   60 more words


Yvette Mimieux and Charlton Heston

Yvette Mimieux (born 1942) in a creepy position with ageing actor and gun-nut Charlton Heston (1923 – 2008) in the ‘disaster movie’ Skyjacked (1972).


Moses, Parties, and Exodus Lessons

I loved Easter as a child. Not only because it meant egg hunts and chocolate. It was also one of the few times each year when the city cousins came to visit. 859 more words


The Human Animal: "Planet of the Apes" (1968)

      If by its general definition which includes an elemental nihilism in both its thematic genetics and within the limited but evident visual aesthetic, film noir is certainly the most  formally pessimistic of the film genres. 734 more words