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The Original Charles Perrault Sleeping Beauty

Portrait of Charles Perrault painted by Philippe Lallemande in 1672

“The combination of a beautiful princess, a dashing prince, and love triumphing over evil magic makes ‘sleeping Beauty’ one of the most beloved of all fairy tales.   400 more words

Once Upon A Dream

CinderSpectaRella Part 3 of 4

“I know just what to do! Fetch me three mice, a pumpkin and a dog,” the fairy godmother instructed.

Cinderella came back with three hamsters, a watermelon and an old goat. 383 more words

Short Story

CinderSpectaRella Part 2 of 4

“An invitation from the king,” the messenger handed a golden envelope to Cinderella before taking off in a hurry.

Cinderella squinted to read what the invitation said, but she couldn’t make out any of the letters. 283 more words

Short Story


This week’s assignment challenged us to retell a ‘classic narrative’ through web 2.0 software and screen capture tools. The project not only challenged us in finding the essence of the story but also presented us with new software to master. 302 more words


CinderSpectaRella Part 1 of 4

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young maiden named Cinderella in a house beside a farm. Cinderella was a loving and obedient child, but she was left to live with her cruel stepmother and vain stepsisters. 255 more words

Short Story

girl meets wolf

My students tell me Little Red Riding Hood is their favourite fairy tale. It used to scare them silly, they say. They adored the refrain with its shiver-inducing climax: “The better to… 321 more words

...and When I Get Home I Read Some More

Story Sunday - Diamonds and Toads - summed up by yours truly

     I didn’t really leave myself time write up about a story today but I am going to write just a quick little post about a story you might not have ever read. 605 more words