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Perils of being single, and a woman -1 (An unpleasant journey)

My brother and I had just boarded the train after having said our goodbyes to a cousin and a nephew who had come to drop us. 828 more words


Session Two: 2015 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith

Here’s part two of the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith I attended. In this post Dr. Michael Denton, author of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, discusses a few points from his book. 915 more words


Quantum Shift to the Global Brain

How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and Our World, Rochester: Inner Traditions, 2008.

This book by Ervin Laszlo is dramatic; it is like approaching an abyss and looking down how steep it is. 2,187 more words

Science And Sytems Theory


The marine iguana of the Galapagos Islands. This iguana was quite comfortable posing for me.

They are big.

Note the evolved nostrils. These creatures feed off of the algae on the rocks in the ocean, able to hold their breathe for up to 30 minutes. 135 more words