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Laugh, laugh, laugh

A run on the beach started my Tuesday at Camber Sands, glorious as ever, feeling totally blessed to be in such a place. I got back to fried eggs on toast for breakfast and the laughter immediately started with the banter from Jon that I had not stacked the place mats neatly enough on tidying up the breakfast table, so I joked and threatened a spirit level to make sure they were in line enough. 431 more words


The 'IT' coat and my winter heels

So I am back after a long, cold winter with a desperate need to catch you all up on my winter wardrobe! Do not fear, I am not going to be reliving the outfits from the coldest days – like gaining a stone in weight with layers of Grandad jumpers and (dare I say it) uggs. 308 more words


How we decorated our living room for under €50

I figured it was about time we made our living room a little bit more homely. I always love reading about projects that other people have done on a budget as it means getting creative with the supplies we already have and re-using things rather than just throwing them out. 737 more words

Our Cave

Too Many Bouquets Never the Bride

One of the most fun traditions at a Wedding is the tossing of the bouquet; and seeing who’s getting hitched next.

Not in the Utah where a lady has caught 46 bouquets at the weddings of family and friends and has never married turning the legend into a world record. 107 more words

Bargain Hunt.. (the Edinburgh way!)

I’m lucky to live in a part of Edinburgh where there is a charity shop at every corner you take. So I thought I would share some recent fabulous ‘fur’ finds, that I have managed to acquire in the last few months. 231 more words


Happy Birthday!

It is birthday day today, I was so happy to be with my chums on their special day, I made them a cup of tea to wake up to and sat with them whilst they opened their cards and presents. 350 more words