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Salvation, Miracles and Activism: A New Form of Church Conference

Right now I’m at a Christian conference called Salvation, Miracles and Activism in my hometown of Uppsala, and I’m one of the organisers. It’s not a conference in a big auditorium; but just like my church we meet in the streets and in my home. 251 more words

Charismatic Activism

Why Both Conservative and Liberal Churches are Decreasing

Evangelical blogger and author Rachel Held Evans is no longer evangelical; she has joined the Episcopalian church which, in the US, is not very theologically conservative but rather progressive or liberal. 835 more words

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Surprise Sithole: Food Multiplication

I’ve written several times about Surprise Sithole, the South African apostle who has raised several people from the dead in the power of the Holy Spirit and that has heard the external, audible voice of God. 69 more words

Charismatic Activism

Ulf Ekman's Multiple Conversions

I live in the same city as the world’s arguably most famous living Swedish Christian, namely Ulf Ekman. The founder and long-term leader of the Scandinavian Word of Faith movement (with many branches in the former Soviet Union), Ekman surprised many when he revealed last year that… 809 more words

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Why You Cannot Be Cessationist and Claim to Restore the Biblical Church at the Same Time

In this video, I present my chapter “Charismatic Anabaptism: Combining Signs and Wonders with Peace and Justice”, which is included in the new anthology… 479 more words

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Malala + Holy Spirit Revival = Pandita Ramabai

One of my favourite Pentecostal saints of all times is Pandita Ramabai (1858-1922), Indian activist, evangelist and holy roller. Over a hundred years before Malala she campaigned for women’s right to education, and she was extremely active in helping the poor and discriminated.  463 more words


The Top 5 Popular Posts on Holy Spirit Activism in 2014

As always, the WordPress “stats monkeys” has produced a summary of the past blog year that you can find here. I thank God that the blog is growing and pray that He will lead me and others to inspire more and more people to become radical, charismatic Jesus hippies, combining miracles with evangelism and activism. 652 more words

Charismatic Activism