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The Last of Us Let's Play [Part 13]

Still in the subway cart. These carts are flooded with water an Ellie says she cant swim. Joel tries to find something that Ellie could possibly float on. 542 more words


Adventure Time Fan Art!

Slowly but surely we are working our way through our favorite shows :)

We saw the first episode brand new on Youtube and haven’t stopped loving it since!


The S. S. Lynx: Pirate Ship

Oh, what a rum-tum-tugger this year has been.  My masts are loose, my stays are frayed, and my canvas has changed colors more times than the sky when the sun comes up or sets.   499 more words



I’ve started writing and reading hundreds upon hundreds of books, short stories, and novellas across all kinds of genres. I’ve finished a fraction of them. In those collective millions of words I’ve discovered the difference between a story I’ll drop and a story I’ll pursue to the last drop of ink. 477 more words


Feminist Friday: Defend all Disney Princesses [Part 2]

Hey guys! Time for part two of these series. I had a hard time trying to decide which Princess I should do this time. It took me awhile but I boiled it down to Ariel and Pocahontas. 801 more words


Kei Sessara

Kei Sessara is the bodyguard and close friend of Kenta Morcades. Although she is little more than two years older than Kenta, Kei has had much more extensive training and gained real experience in combat from an early age. 90 more words

Desert Rain