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Novel Update #13: Just Like George Lucas

Can you name that bald man in the film The Empire Strikes Back who has a computer device attached to his head?

It’s Lobot, assistant to Lando Calrissian. 578 more words

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War Machine's anger issues

The man has some feelings to work out.  James Rhodes, the owner of the War Machine armor (think of Iron Man with more bullets), gets his second real shot at being the superhero the same comic Tony Stark “dies.”  Mainly, it’s out of necessary, as criminals still need to be stopped and Iron Man comics still need to be sold.   651 more words


Hello writers!

Greetings! If you’re visiting this site for the first time you’re a student, anyone who wants to publish a screenplay or are seeking information about copyright laws. 11 more words


What Does Anime Have To Do With K.S?

It’s Thursday, which means a stack of anime I need to watch before they become overbearing and a few school assignments , not to mention my own writing and projects. 538 more words



eppppp it’s almost game of thrones time…well not really still a month and a bit to go but who’s excited??? I’m excited to see how they work this next series since if it follows the book it will be a bit boring 😑 mainly that it will only be about a few characters…I hope they leave the iron born out…i cannot warm to them…urghhhh. 40 more words


Ashi and Arien

As promised, an actual character post! Here are two of my older ones… though not, I think, as old as Wildcat. (Arien possibly gives her a run for her money, but I think she’s older.) They live in the same universe as Rakariel of… 411 more words


Onion Murder

I was inspired by this prompt from Writers Write: “Write a scene where your protagonist is cutting a piece of fruit. Use all five senses.”  I love fruit but an onion really gets a reaction from me. 460 more words

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