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Which Name?

I am trying to come up with names for a new character that I’m creating for my novel.

She is a stern, but kind, short, pretty, blond 30 year old. 19 more words


Limmia & her fox

Just having a pint at the Bird & Baby with my fox. His name is Mulder. He likes to hang out on the counter and scare Carlo Balgrove, the tavern keep. Mulder is pretty harmless though. :)


Character Interview - Olivia Roberts

Today we are welcoming Elizabeth back, and she has brought with her Olivia Roberts.  Welcome ladies, I’m excited you could make it in today.

Olivia, may can you share a little about yourself? 945 more words


Meet the Characters: Laura Vedos

Laura Vedos was a 21 when she joined ALPHA, the Extasian military. At 25 years old Laura became an ALPHA colonel. At that age, Laura not only became the second female to ever achieve the rank of colonel, she also became the youngest to ever achieve that rank. 25 more words


Lex Luthor's '90s mystery hair, Pt. 3

As stated in the societal laws of comic books, bad guys will always lose.  Eventually.  Sometimes it takes a while, but choosing evil will no doubt end with the collapse of everything you maliciously worked so hard for.   658 more words


Character Spotlight: Claire Darnell

Claire Darnell

Full name: Claire Darnell

Birthday: March 29, 2070

Age (Prologue): 20

Occupation: Mixologist/Culinary School

Current Location: Moonlight Falls

Misc. Information Important to the Story:

Torres Legacy

What You Need to Know if You’re Going to Teach in South Korea – Characters

Congratulations! You just got that email saying you’ve got the job, and you’re wondering what’s next! Surely after all the hoops you’ve jumped through – the fingerprinting and background checks and spotty Skype interviews – it’s easy sailing from here on out, right? 859 more words

Rachel In Korea