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To Plot or Not To Plot

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog, I promise that I didn’t forget about you.

Many things lay claim to my attention in the course of the day and it’s very easy to tell myself that I haven’t got time to squeeze in a bit of writing at the end of it, although if I’m honest, it’s likely to have been the draw of the log burner in the living room during the despairingly long winter that’s kept me away from the keyboard. 357 more words


Character Change: In our own work

So, we’re looking at the inner journey this week.  Let’s see what kind of an inner journey we can create for the one-liners we’re working on… 3,609 more words


Giant Chart

You thought my serial-killer-like foreshadow plotting was crazy did you? Taking it up a notch:

There she is. In all her regal glory: the entirety of my plots, subplots and character arcs in chronological order. 61 more words


Character Change: How Lisa Unger does it

We’re looking at the Inner Journey this week.  Here’s the inner journey (to my eyes and ears anyway) of the main character, Ian Paine, in Lisa Unger’s Crazy Love You (336 pages). 4,802 more words


Character Change: The Inner Journey, Part 2 -- A Master Outline

We’re looking at the Inner Journey this week (Part 1 here), and today we’re looking at the structure of the character arc over the course of a story. 3,245 more words


Character Change: The Inner Journey, Part 1

Other names for the character’s inner journey include character arc, character change, character transformation, ritual pain, and range of change.

CHARACTER ARC: WHAT IS IT? 1,665 more words


5 Ways to KILL a Perfectly Good Story

Over the weekend Hubby and I rested and watched movies and we took turns who could pick the film. Hubby loves dramas and war films. I prefer horror and space aliens. 1,854 more words

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