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The power of vulnerability for writers and readers.

There’s something that writers don’t want to talk about, but invariably they can’t help themselves. It’s how vulnerable they feel when they give their work to finally be read by an actual reader. 873 more words

After: Abusing or Abused?

Last time, we uncovered the wrong Truth in Anna Todd’s After, now let me demonstrate. 334 more words

Monday Mist

Trying not to be a writer

I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to tone things down during the summer months. My writing pursuits can wait until winter for all I care. I just want a good outline when I start. 415 more words


After: How Untrue You Are

So, last time we started talking about the Lie and the Truth, and I mentioned After, the series that I ended up reading not so long ago and enjoyed up until the epilogue (or even the entire book 4). 306 more words

Monday Mist

Writing Resource–Plot & Structure Part III Character Arc

“Great plots have great characters. While this is not a book on character creation and implementation, we can’t let the subject of plot go without touching on at least one aspect of character work that is all important: character change. 738 more words


Every Book is About the Lie

Whether you outline your books to death or write them as inspiration strikes, the Lie isn’t something you can allow yourself to ignore. So, today I’m starting a mini series (4 posts, including this one) on the Lie, the Truth and the dangers of misusing them in fiction, supported by two small case studies. 224 more words


Discussion: The Hero's Arc

The morning my post I Read Shadow Scale and I Was Disappointed went live, I was thinking about what is it that makes me “approve” of a hero’s arc, because really, that is what makes or breaks an ending for me. 757 more words