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Choosing the Right Test (Chapter 13)

A challenging task for students is deciding which statistical test to use. This video by Statistical Learning Centre provides good information on how to make that choice. 93 more words


Digital vs Traditional Advertising (Chapter 13)

Advertising dollars continue to be shifted from traditional advertising to digital advertising. These videos can be used to initiate a discussion of this trend.


Social Media Marketing (Chapter 13)

Students use social media every day in their lives, but may not understand how social media is used for marketing. I found these videos helpful in explaining the basics. 114 more words


Mobile Marketing (Chapter 13)

Mobile marketing continues to grow faster than most other forms of marketing. Here are some videos that you can use to supplement the information in the textbook. 137 more words


Digital Marketing (Chapter 13)

As more funds move to digital marketing, it is important to understand how brands can use it to boost brand awareness, engagement, and sales.


Marketing for the Holidays (Chapter 13)

Thanksgiving and Christmas always brings increased advertising by brands and especially for retailers. This article in CMO Today should generate some interesting discussion because for the 2014 holidays the number one marketing method will be email. 88 more words


SPSS Data Set - Pizza (Chapter 13)

If you need an additional data set for Chapter 13 for a student assignment, group task, or testing, here is a SPSS data set. The exercise involves examining differences in means and frequencies.  144 more words