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Let's Play Pretend: Chapter Three

The second Charles stepped into the room he was blinded by the enormous sun lighting up the room. Bates behind him also shielded her eyes. Their new room was sparsely decorated and it was only the most needed thing that was neatly placed, mirrored from each other. 1,754 more words


the old story of the heart vs. the head

June 2015

Its been a few days since the blow out with Trouble. I honestly don’t know how I feel. On the whole, I’m actually ok.  943 more words


Henry packs Stryker up the old, creaky wooden stairs to his apartment. The carpet in the hallway is stained and torn, it used to be a light blue but is now so dingy looking, it could pass for tan and brown. 963 more words


3- Bad omen

Well there is no time for these useless thoughts. Yosh. I need to get ready for our trip. This is gonna be one very long day. 499 more words

Title To Come Later

bad blood

June 2015

Trouble wakes up to my less than impressed texts and the many missed calls following the cards I’ve just been dealt – finding out he is seeing someone has hit me like a ton of bricks. 905 more words


finding my single feet

May 2015

I’m not hearing from Trouble that often and although I miss him, I’m fine – I am. After years of long distance relationships I have gotten pretty used to independence – I’m really good at it actually. 824 more words


muddy waters

June 2015

Back track to June 2014 – I have made my decision to move to London – knowing Trouble wouldn’t be joining me. I’ve told him my decision;, he said it “sucked”, he was “just so sad” – but to be fair he was supportive, he really is a great guy.  1,012 more words