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Chapter Three: Another Ordinary Day

That Friday morning was intense and busy. The owner of the company, Mr. Blackwood, was coming into the office today to be updated on the monthly reports. 2,116 more words

Alice In Wonderland

The Storm: Part Three

Mom’s light flickered through the hallway in front of the air chamber. I could hear her voice echo across the concrete and I moved forward, seeking her comfort in the sterility of this new world. 330 more words


3 - The portrait tells the truth

The mansion itself could be mistaken for a cathedral. It had a cathedral’s iconic single grey octahedral spire rising up in the middle; the tip of it touching the blushing clouds. 1,480 more words

Main Story

Chapter Three: Part Three

The Draco’s weapons’ fire missed their mark, the Taurus, and nearly found us several times. Fifteen minutes in something odd, black and metallic, caught the corner of my eye. 903 more words


Chapter Three: Part Two

The western coast of the peninsula was now is sight. Finally we could see our next target, but the Nephilium were still behind us, staring us down. 960 more words