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Chapter 1: Was


He wrote music.

He drew.

I think I have souvenirs beyond the single doodle he made on my math notebook from 8th grade. My chest still thumps when I think about the day he pulled me aside and declared that I was his muse. 1,232 more words


Chapter 1 (1)



As the dire wolf was about to sink his teeth into my neck I had a flashback as to how it all started… It was a cold rainy day and I was soaked, tired and in a bad mood when I reached the village. 89 more words


1.11- New Addition

Emmanuel didn’t know what to think when Melanie announced her pregnancy and subsequently passed out into his arms. Should he be upset? Angry? Happy? Ecstatic? Above anything, he was surprised. 649 more words


Chapter 1/7

On a hot and humid afternoon…
Mika is hanging out with Manami, her friend from middle school.

Since the beginning of summer break, they have been hanging out every day. 168 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Chapter 1/6

Aside from the day when he first called,
Nozomu called or mailed her every day.

In fact
Fewer people use ‘cell phones’ and
Most use… 224 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Chapter 1/5

When she brings her finger near the button to hang up,
Nozomu speaks up again.

“Sorry for calling out of the blue. I got the number from Aya-chan. 186 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Chapter 1/4

After school ended,
Mika went home and was watching TV in her room, doing nothing in particular.

At that moment…


Her ringtone echoes in the room. 161 more words

Cell Phone Novel