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‘She’s in an old shelter on the brink of the forest in the West’, I said. He put his gear on quickly and was ready to go. 250 more words


The Persimmon Tree

The sun was still glowing on the horizon as I turned back toward the house and stared down the sleepy, mile-long dirt road that linked our house to the paved¬†road in one direction, and the family’s overgrown farm buildings in the other. ¬† 570 more words

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Part 20

“Meanwhile,” His father continued in a tight voice, “I will go easy on you for the first offense.” He put his head to one side and studied the clock on the wall. 67 more words


Getting into the bathtub. I dunked my head underneath the water leaving nothing but my mouth open for air. This was defiantly one way of drowning out the world. 323 more words



One of these children was Leeta.

If Edmund had one friend in the orphanage, it was Leeta. Of course, it was difficult to call her a friend, since they never spoke to each other. 421 more words

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Part 19

His father wiped his hands on the dishcloth and peered over his glasses at Mark. A veil of tiredness hung over his eyes.

Mark closed his mouth quickly and hung his head. 14 more words


Diapason [Chapter 1]


That’s what people call this place.

But that’s not exactly what it is.

“River, Run! Don’t let them catch you! Run!” She screamed to her brother, a boy only slightly over the age of 7. 601 more words

Chapter 1