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Chapter 1 - Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

She stood before the safe, one hand beckoning, the other holding the cloth-wrapped bundle. Her face hid behind the veil, but her large dark eyes were sad and angry. 866 more words

Life As We Knew It

Hold your horses, love birds

After the two young couple decided to get married its an Arab custom that the man must ask the women family permission to propose and that happens when the men of the man’s family make a formal visit to the woman’s family… Unfortunately my dad had to make that visit alone, because his family didn’t want him to marry the women with the silky hair.. 45 more words


Ark: Volume 10 Chapter 1

Volume 10 Chapter 1: Deimos’ Profession?

Our Favorite Turtle has started on a new Volume of Ark, Volume 10.
So Enjoy!!

Volume 10 Chapter 1: Deimos’ Profession?


Chapter 1: A few Birthdays

It just so happens that the oldest girl and the youngest girl share a birthday.  Violet always found that funny.  The two had been close.  Abigail had had a habit of jabbering away at poor baby Lucinda.  329 more words

Founding Gen

Satellite Kingdom | Chapter 1: Waltz | Pilot: Contact

Episode 1 | Contact

He was half-naked. The cold metal rods of the chair’s slightly curved backrest pressed into his shoulder blades. His dark hair – earlier parted and clean – was now a fair mess. 2,803 more words

Chapter 1

Will you marry me?

The days past by, as the young bright women kept achieving high grades in her university. The young man on the other hand, Started to work in a glass factory with Portuguese company, he was the best of his brothers which he has six of them. 105 more words


Chapter One: Part Three

I slowly walked closer to the west gate to get a better understanding of what this place was. Their ships kept flying in and out, as silent as still air, but they didn’t go far. 1,160 more words