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The forest was full of life, I could hear a variety of animals all around. I might even have enjoyed the scenery if my past experiences didn’t teach me to be always ready. 457 more words


Chapter 1 : The Snakefreak is born.

How did it all START???
A common QUESTION thrown at me wherever I go. So…..

Here is the story behind the gradual transformation of Adithya into The Snakefreak. 322 more words

Adithya Puthraya

Chapter 1: "Johnny"

Leah Rollins hurriedly dressed for the first day of school, not wanting to be late. Her older brother Andrew was supposed to drive her to school. 500 more words

Getting More Serious.

Okay. It’s time I got my ass in gear. The architecture firm didn’t work out and there’s hardly anything left of my senior year. Currently, my outlook is a tad darker than normal(which is hard to do). 97 more words

Chapter 1


I clutch tightly to this locket, it’s all I have left. At least they didn’t take it as well.

“Wake up.”

My senses are assaulted by the smell of dank cedar and the room is doing what I wish I could call gently rocking. 239 more words

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Bloomin'

The empty cup, the empty organs, they entreat me to fill them. No, I say, I am just going to sit here with my pipe. 536 more words

Felix Bloomstory