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The anthropologist speaks

From a theoretical point of view the situation remains very much the same as it was fifty years ago, namely, chaotic.

–Claude Lévi-Strauss, in Structural Anthropology (1967)


W40k | Helldrake

Hi everyone

Today I’m posting some pictures of my chaos hell drake  :)

I just want to let you guys know that your welcome to suggest any ideas you might have to improve my painting :) 33 more words



It has been a long, long winter. Becky and I have been stuck in the house for four months! The reasons are varied. Becky had surgery, the lift broke, frigid temperatures, I hurt my back, and the lift broke again. 141 more words



Scattered and floating into recognisable patterns inside an intangible mutable net, a shape is apprehensively formed, but always falls away, lacking the strength to solidify. The patterns are clear, but the outlines lose definition, with a seepage of particles to the edges of the net, ebbing and flowing unpredictably. 54 more words

Creative Writing

In which summers have a heart of gold.

And their evenings look lovely, and smell of heat and dust and just the hint of impending rain.

It is on just such evenings that you learn some of life’s greatest lessons. 78 more words


People like us.

Then there are people like us
Who are bathed in black and blue
People who walk away from the crowds
Who smile and nod at everyone, thinking… 184 more words


SHOW US THE WAY ( 2015 )

Sometimes our lives just melt away

Where have they gone, we cannot say

Tis like a wind across the sands

That garners strength, makes no demands. 25 more words