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Ground Sea

Today there is merely a hint of a warm southwest breeze moving in off the Gulf, the sky is brilliantly blue and I must squint to see the surf breaking beneath the glare. 348 more words

Sea Sighs

Musical Chaos ?


This project is an investigation of the use chaotic oscillators to produce tones which sound more natural than tones generated through the more standard techniques of digital synthesis. 478 more words

BUT The Climate Models Say So

General Circulation Models are the driving force behind human caused climate change, yet climate modellers don’t even understand the flaws and limits of their own systems. 1,426 more words



So I was watching the following video on YouTube the other day about Chaos and the Butterfly Effect (see below).

After watching the video I though I’d have a go at duplicating the Double Pendulum demonstration in Unity. 93 more words


Trust in B

I don’t have any answers and I certainly don’t have any direction. I’m making the first cuts here with no ideas whatsoever. I’ve been hesitant so far due to my complete lack of inspiration and I’ve been waiting for a revelation which I suspect is not going to be coming any day soon. 272 more words


Patterns of chaos

Observed below is a run through of an algorithm I had designed which clearly exhibits chaotic behaviour after 6 iterations, where the is no clear correlation between the final result and the initial offset of measurement. 164 more words

Pure Mathematics

Khaos D.Ree

At first I simply wanted to draw a sexy lady-rapper (which I personally think is a very attractive concept by itself), but then I remembered how much “rapper” sounds like “raptor”, as in the vernacular name for the Dromaeosauridae (Velociraptor, Deinonychus, and all those other feathered dinosaurs with big sickle-claws on their feet). 58 more words