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Where The Poem Is Found

In the flutter-eyed trance
Of scent moods,
And in the gland of salivation
And sensation:
Like snake-tongued
Understanding of the air around,
The taste of unseen elements… 32 more words


Wake up Call: St. Germain ~ June 30, 2015

Sounds good to me! Perhaps now that the financial reality of the world is about to hit the fan, many more will come to the reality of who we really are! 817 more words

A parable for Today.

2 July 2009.Channelling.

In a far distant galaxy, filled with the embers of past knowledge, lay a valley so vast it would fill the eye forever. 1,418 more words


Memories can be rewritten

What is Memory?
Is it some records of what you knew and experienced in the past?
Is it something you create yourself?

Once you realise there is no time and past/present/future is experienced at once, your world changes. 198 more words

Channelled Message

Disconnect Technology When In Nature

Today Mary’s message deals with one of our pet peeves—people who are out in nature but glued to their Smart Phone or Music device.  We need to leave these devices in the car or turned off while in nature. 101 more words


How to cope with grief - take two

A few months ago I wrote about how to cope with grief, and I simply went on with my life. Then I lost a good friend of mine, and I suddenly (almost) forgot what I had written before on grief. 336 more words


To prepare or not to prepare for Trance

Being a channel for Spirit is a gift. However, it also needs to be taken seriously and respected as you would any professional job. This starts with training and dedication but also your mind-set as to how you see yourself within the work. 702 more words