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Abraham Lincoln Talks About 'Fear' From Non-Physical

April marks the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s death. I never believed in death, but now I have proof of an after-life. Certainly not the kind of proof a scientist would believe, but it’s enough for me. 1,321 more words

Personal Growth

"Dream Worlds Aren't So Far From Our Own"

Dream worlds aren’t so far from our own.   They just appear to be 102 more words

The Great Masters on 'Your Spirit Light'

This morning’s channeled message came from The Great Masters. As I was meditating with my guides, their presence in the room made everyone turn around and pay attention. 356 more words

Connecting To Spirit

We...As The Ambassadors

And WE as the ambassadors of this bright new day…must stand strong and pure in our own SACRED WAY!!!   Let LOVE flow through you!!   Let LOVE be your guide!!   29 more words


Lightworkers Bring Real Change To This Earth Realm

The Solfeggio Frequency was a perfect backdrop for the meditative exercise we blissfully sunk into last night during our first Conscious Awakening Meetup of the new year.     476 more words