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Five Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions Both Amazing and Enduring!

January 8, 2015

At this time after the holidays, most people are ready to look forward to the New Year with optimism and resolve to make the changes improve themselves in some way – getting rid of bad habits and making plans to move forward into a better life with every intention of “sticking to it” this time. 782 more words


Book (P)Review

Gretchen Rubin has a new book, Better Than Before. I tend to become excited about books and want to share before I’ve completely read them. 92 more words

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Tiny Habits: The Key to Sustained Behavioural Change

I recently watched a TEDx video about behavioural change (Forget big change, start with a tiny habit).  The presenter, BJ Fogg, PhD, caught my attention when he said relying primarily on motivation and willpower to change your long-term behaviour will not work.  645 more words

Lisa Ivaldi

What!!! not even just the one?

I haven’t really spent much time with strangers over the last 7 months. So when I have to explain why I don’t drink to someone who didn’t know me when I was drinking can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. 1,006 more words


The American Treatment Industry

Try to figure out the success rate of a twelve step program for any compulsive disorder, be it drugs, alcohol, sex, gambing, eating. Alcoholics Anonymous, for instance, keeps no records of who is a member, for their privacy of course, therefore it is hard to document the actual rate of backsliding by 12 step program participants. 1,101 more words


Starting the Day Right

Part of finding what works for you involves getting rid of the things that hold you back and, all though I didn’t like to admit it, there were certain things in my life that I knew were having a very negative impact on my recovery. 419 more words


Speak The Truth, Especially To Yourself

I don’t think many would dispute that lying is not a good thing.  Sure, it’s easy to come up with scenarios where lying might be the best course of action in a particular instance.   964 more words

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