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Body Image

When I was young I never really paid a much attention to my “shape”. I knew I was bigger but it didn’t stress me out. 313 more words


It’s Official.  We Are Engaged!  After firmly believing I would never get married again, God changed my heart and put a man in my life whom I fell in love with.   263 more words


Possible Superstitions

For as long as I can remember I have been able to “remember” things.  Maybe its a sixth sense I don’t know. Even my very religious grandmother has said she thinks I have a sixth sense.   564 more words

Single Mom

Falling Teeth in dreams

Came upon this post on 9gag and realised this is a common dream that a lot of people share. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one but at the same time it’s sad because it is… 138 more words


You Tell Me: Changes in Makeup Habits?

Upon having and taking care of a new baby (who’s already 10 weeks old,  yikes!), I have noticed some drastic changes in my makeup routine. Mainly that I now go most days without any makeup at all! 258 more words


Leadership Thought Of The Day...

“The future is not a place we get to go, it’s a place we get to create.” Nancy Duarte

The direction of this thought takes numerous paths and the majority of them carry significant weight. 151 more words


A Not-So-Final Farewell 

I had my final meeting of my field site committee yesterday. It is sort of an arbitrary ending, as we were unable to meet in the month of April, so we set our final meeting for the end of March instead. 344 more words