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Two Years Ago We Bought a House

Two years ago, we bought our house. The process of turning it into what we want and need continues, a well as the slow progression of building our garden. 892 more words


Late Snowfall

Newly planted seedlings do what they must and begin a journey through a thin layer of soil to reach the outer world. A seemingly impossible task for a thing so small. 314 more words


A Year Changes Everyone.

A little less than a year ago I wrote this post. A post that highlighted my expectations of what my senior year self thought my life would be like compared to what it was actually and now I’m looking back at my life from last year. 601 more words


Past, Present, & Future: Entry 1


Pop nerd culture references and classical song brought us together. I remember the first day you decided to approach me, we had a class trip to a church to participate in the regional choir competition. 1,263 more words



First off, I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts here lately on my blog.

I guess you could say life has been extremely busy, lack for a better word. 300 more words

The Past, Present, & Future

There is going to be a little series I’m publishing in the next few days. Is it fiction or is it reality? You decide. I apologize ahead of time if any of these following posts offend anyone in particular, they weren’t meant for public viewing, but more of a writing exercise to help me hone my skills. 55 more words


blasting a crater in the rut of life

My life is in the process of changing, as our lives constantly change, and at the same time I’m witnessing the major transitions of several close friends. 658 more words