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Compassion is what gives humans their humanity.  This feeling is what keeps humans alive, it lets us realize that somebody cares and often the people that have the most positive impact on others are very compassionate.   238 more words



You’ve read about my goal to improve my lifestyle. (Herehere, and here.) This afternoon, while the snow falls down yet again in Somewheres, VA, I’m sitting on the couch and reflecting about said goals. 635 more words


The Inevitable Changes...

Change is the law of nature. Everything around us changes constantly, including us as well! Nothing is constant. Everything transforms into something else each split-second. Every passing moment is different from the one just passed. 151 more words


Inches Lighter

No regrets. I was on the fence about my hair the other day but after a nice shower, my hair got its wave and “bounce” back and it totally made my cut loveable. 32 more words



I’m kicking myself for not keeping up with this. I’ve had so much to say but I haven’t come here to say it for reasons I do not know. 353 more words


It's Funny How...

…what you want changes. I’m sitting in the dark surrounded by tiny sleeping people. Tomorrow is my last day working at this daycare. This job has taught me so much and God has used it to show me that I have a burden on my heart for children. 417 more words


I’ve always loved the changing of the seasons: winter to spring…spring to summer…summer to autumn…autumn back to winter.  I somehow find comfort in the idea that the changing seasons are a parallel of our lives. 508 more words