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Can we eliminate hunger and food banks?

Pastel-coloured eggs in baskets brought by bunnies; emerald palm fronds in the hands of the faithful; and the fragrant blooms of white lilies — these trumpet Easter; but so do food bank appeals for the hungry.  2,231 more words


Sum Total

Sometimes we think we have to make these huge grand overhauls in our lives all at once but really all we need to do to get started is to make small changes (drink more water, eat less processed food, exercise each day). 163 more words


The wonder of a blue sky and a change of seasons (pretty pictures included)

Have you ever looked up on a clear day—an absolutely clear day, with no clouds in sight as far as your vision could reach—and marvelled at how delightfully  554 more words


What Next???

by hazel williams

It’s sad to know that we live in a world where 99.99% of folk are SCARED of kids and even more disheartening to know is that over 65% of them, are folk who claim to love the Lord and out of the 65% there are over 40% of said folk who claim to love the Lord, that have bodies under their belts!!! 563 more words


Day Thoughts

How often do you appreciate life?

There are times when we don’t appreciate the air that we breathe every day and just complain why our lives didn’t come out like what others are experiencing better in life than us. 333 more words

Daily Word Vomit

What Makes a Home

Growing up I was lucky that I never had to move as a child.  Perks of being the daughter of a farmer, moving isn’t normally in the cards.   939 more words


Yoga is... a GPS for Your Life

The guiding principle of Yoga is that we can all find bliss by training our minds to observe what is, rather than react to the conclusions our minds jump to.  125 more words