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In Which I Ponder Big Life Decisions

I just survived the first week back for my last semester as an undergraduate student, and I couldn’t be more happy and sad about anything at the same time. 602 more words


Strangers in Our Own Land

It was

the stomach turning,

the topsy-turvy,

the ice-cold palms,

and calm heart rhythm

that tipped me off.

Nothing changed.

A meeting

between two-once-friends… 53 more words


Seth Godin Response: Reactions get Reactions

Today, I read a blog titled “If you want…” by Seth Godin. This blog was a short blog full of “If you want…” statements. These statements were kind of backhanded in a way. 394 more words

Leadership Development

Late Night Blogging

Hey hey! *deep breath* I am oh so disappointed :( like seriously. I had all these BIG dreams and….they are just D-A-S-H-E-D. You all know (if you’ve been reading, hint hint ;) ) that I was really, super, overly, explosively happy about doing this skin care line…HOWEVER now I have had to come to the realization that I cannot at this time fulfill my BIG dream (oh NO..!) BUT I have other dreams my sweets! 433 more words


It's time for a change

Do you ever just need some time alone?
I stand quietly at my bus stop every morning, watching the cars rush by and I wonder what those people will be doing today. 121 more words


"Here to Help" by David Johnstone

“Hello, how are you today? Is there anything I can help you with?”

These simple but effective words had an instant affect on me. They came from a teller as I entered a bank – of all places! 583 more words

Person Centred Care

Project 35 | Day 44 

Thursday was a mix of projects, new business planning and pitches and pride from the team about the news of our little award 😉.

Tiredness is making me a little spaced out now and then but a quick walk about the office, a coffee and a break away from the screen makes it a little easier. 103 more words