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Changing Your Perspective on Your Job

Have you ever woken up in the morning and talked yourself out of a great day? As soon as your eyes open you think, ‘crap, I have to go to that job and face so and so and do boring work so I can not feel appreciated.’ Or you might have different ‘tunes’ that play in your head that set a negative tone for your workday. 342 more words

Career Management

The Meaning of Relationships

As I embark on this next journey in my life, I can’t help but think about what it means, or what it should mean to be in a relationship. 96 more words

Life Lessons

How to be more positive when negativity is your comfort zone

I can be, at times, quite a negative person.  I always assume the worst and tend to focus on the bad and for a long time, I thought this was a normal state of mind to be in.  1,134 more words

Pitfalls of the Seeker

I am currently reading Deepak Chopra’s, “The Book of Secrets.”  This excerpt stuck out to me today:

Pitfalls of the Seeker:
1. Knowing where you are going. 1,030 more words

Life Lessons

A Season

She looks so cold.  The gray blue sky behind the squiggles of branches reminds me of something out of a horror movie.  Cold pale skin and blue veins.  618 more words

Life Lessons



Isn’t it just a beautiful colour?

It’s definitely my favourite and the reason why is probably due to the complete immersion of greenery Singapore has to offer.  485 more words


Asphyxiation & Triumph

You suffocate me with every

lasting breath you take.

Acting as if my whole

life is one giant mistake.

Common sense and reason,

so blatantly left behind. 87 more words