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Gramsh aka Hometown

Sorry for the late post, I haven’t had much access to the Internet. The internet on my phone is at 2G so that doesn’t help either… 357 more words

Working up the nerve...

I’m desperately trying to work up the nerve to ask Chandler Bing to hang out. It’s very hard for me to do this kind of thing. 314 more words


A massive, impossibly-complicated crush and the return of The Bro...

So last year I went out on a date with The Bro, and then he got super crazy and clingy and I cut him loose. 898 more words


So Obsessed Saturday: Friends is Finished

The day has finally come where I have finished the entire 10 seasons of Friends. Any Netflix connoisseur knows the bittersweet feeling I have right now. 812 more words

So Obsessed Saturday

Liebster Awards......

I hate tags. Sure, watching them on Youtube may be fun, but I hate doing them and I generally stay away from them. Honestly, I think it reminds me of my painful middle school years when we would do those tags all the time when Facebook’s Notes feature was an actual thing. 579 more words


The Lovey Feely Type

In line for lunch when all of a sudden the women in front of me blare the unholy words. Words so foul  and heinous that the child in front of her wails, the windows crack, and buildings fall. 466 more words

Societal Flaws

12 Reasons Everyone Needs A Sarcastic Best Friend

1. Nothing is off limits for you to joke about

A sarcastic BFF reminds you to find the humor in…everything. Even things you’d be totally terrified to joke about with other people. 695 more words