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12 Reasons Everyone Needs A Sarcastic Best Friend

1. Nothing is off limits for you to joke about

A sarcastic BFF reminds you to find the humor in…everything. Even things you’d be totally terrified to joke about with other people. 695 more words

The Best #ChangeOneLetterFilms Tweets So Far 

Somehow, every once in a while, Twitter users come up with a totally random hashtag that goes viral over a matter of a few hours. The social network has seen many peculiar trending hashtags recently, with… 172 more words


5 Cool Things I Learned from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

During and after I finished watching FRIENDS, I realized that I will never find another amazing American TV show on this planet. FRIENDS is actually one of the best and amazing things that happened in the 90s that will live on forever. 546 more words


Double Exposure Study

Matthew Perry also known as Chandler Bing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S (American Television Series)


My own Chandler Bing

After a month of celibacy I was afraid I lost my game- but no worries, I can still pull.

My sorority’s formal was last night and I was set up with one of my friend’s best guy friend, Chandler. 818 more words


A 'Friends' Fan Figured Out Exactly How Much Money Joey Owes Chandler

“How does Monica afford her lavish apartment on a chef’s salary?” is the question most Friends fans have spent too much time obsessing over (“why does Ross own a monkey?” gets a pass, though). 383 more words


Because age shouldn’t forget how youth feels…

Dear Me (hopefully a more graceful version),

I really hope you stumble upon this at a happy time in your life. Because it is often at your best, that you forget humility. 786 more words

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