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Back to square one...

Last night did not go as planned.

I went to see Chandler Bing’s band play. Drove 45 minutes each way to get there. It was a great show as usual. 408 more words


So lost...

Chandler Bing appears to be ignoring me. I messaged him last night, and then once again today, and he didn’t read either message. I’m supposed to go see him play tonight, but now I’m feeling incredibly insecure about the whole thing. 215 more words


The One if F.R.I.E.N.D.S. had Social Media

So I was just passing time scrolling through one of my favourite websites BuzzFeed. That website/app just makes me laugh. If you’re not on board with it already, DO IT NOW!!! 115 more words


I still don't know what's going on...

I finally had the nerve to strike up a conversation with Chandler Bing last night. My favorite bar closed (the one he and I hung out at a few weeks ago, and the one where I had my first date with Plaid Hipster), so I messaged him to find out if he knew. 137 more words


So confused...

Friday night I went to the bar where Chandler Bing had a gig.¬†Vixen and I got there at like 9:30, and his band wasn’t supposed to go on till 11. 411 more words


Favorite Scenes and Quotes - A to Z 2015 - J - Joey

When I came to this one I thought wow, I could do a whole month simply on Joeyisms, or Joey’s explanations of life. Maybe I will try that next year as a different theme. 162 more words


I still don't know if it was a date...

I hung out with Chandler Bing last night. We went to the bar I often go to on Friday nights to see the band play. He knew the drummer and the bassist, and said I should go when I mentioned hanging out. 252 more words