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Mohali say SABBAH

Plan A…IPL Kings VI Punjab Vs Chenai Super Kings… Thats top of the league Vs bottom of the league, only one result can really be expected!! 331 more words


DAILY PHOTO: Nek Chand Mosaic Amphitheater

All made from porcelain from broken dishes, toilet bowls, wall tiles, etc. This is the Phase III open space. (Most of Nek Chand is labyrinthine.


Few hours in Chandigarh

It’s been six months since I went on a holiday and high time I took a break from work. Given that you are traveling in June, which is either Summer or Monsoon in most part of the country, you have to wisely choose a place such that the weather is not too harsh and you get to cover all places on your itinerary.  580 more words


Role Model

I think a lot of people from Chandigarh must be knowing this man. He is Ajay Verma, a self employed man, who sells saunf packets in the Sector-22 market. 214 more words


Hooligans by nature

Chandigarh, located near the foothills of the Himalayas, is one of the most prominent cities of India known for its cleanliness and high per capita income. 5,321 more words

Stark winters of Chandigarh.

This was en route to Manali.

I remember the 5 kgs of Oranges we purchased and had that the entire way.


Studio 6 - FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi & Chandigarh

Studio6 is the world leader in hair restoration and cosmetic surgeries. Studio6 medical team consists of elite group of cosmetic surgeons and experienced medical staff with very high professional and medical standards. 66 more words