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Sparkle it Up: Toward a Better Blog Page


Wow! Some of the blogs I have been reading recently are incredibly beautiful.

Look at this, and this and this!

I’m not just referencing the content, which is so amazing to be sure.   390 more words

30 Day Coloring Challenge--Day 1

Guess what? Coloring is SO MUCH FUN! Remember?!?

I don’t have to remember too far back because I have a ton of coloring books in my basement on a shelf. 215 more words


Lightening the Load

Hey, everybody. I’m pretty depressed this week. This winter has finally cracked me; it was bound to happen sooner or later. (She says in an Eeyore voice.) March seems to be the true breaking point; looking back on February, I see canceled events, countless snow days and sick days, and a wasteland of dismantled plans, all through a vibrating sheen of cabin fever. 938 more words


Day 5 #ForrestYogaAbs2015

Day 5 #ForrestYogaAbs2015 is Abds with a Mat. For this you need a rolled up mat or a rolled up towel, make sure it’s a bath sized towel. 26 more words

Current MO

5 Awesome Things About Today

  1. I worked out
  2. My room is cleaner now
  3. One word… SMOOTHIE!!!!
  4. I slept in till 11
  5. Lady’s bowling night