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Magic, transformation, happy endings and nostalgia

-We do not know happiness, but we instinctively know and feel that it can be created and perhaps even defined. Fairytales map out possible ways to obtain happiness, to expose and resolve moral conflicts that have deep roots in our species.  269 more words

Guidance for all Seasons

I can depend on being

uncertain to an extent–

there’s really no other


Control is a myth, mostly.

Security lies within,

not without.

The adventure of living… 84 more words

The Gratitude Bird Strikes Again!

This week has been another great experience. Now, I have allocated Sundays to be my gratitude day. I express what I am grateful for.

  • A great support system not only from friends but from acquaintances who share the same dream…
  • 28 more words

W is for Whiskey


If drinking a bottle of whiskey
Can leave a man feeling quite frisky,
A bottle of rum
Will curdle his tum
And can end up being quite risky. 33 more words


My worlds collide

I am not really a blogger. It never occurred to me to tell people about what  mattered to me except by social media like Facebook and email. 242 more words


Anzac Day in LA

I guess were a little behind on the whole Anzac day celebration (but that’s the USA for you). One thing I have learn’t about living overseas is that while I may be away from my family, friends and everything that I know and have come to love about where I live, there are many people that are in the same situation as me. 204 more words



So, it have officially started. I took the Sunday afternoon to clear out my closet and to make the cut. I have to confess that I felt a bit sad sorting through all of the clothes I own and  having to decide what stays and what goes. 486 more words