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Something Lacy: - Going to the Chapel !!!

Hi Folks,

I recently made this beautiful card and gift box for one of my lovely team when she promoted to a higher level. (so proud!!)    :) 398 more words

Greetings Cards

IG Chalk Talk: 132 Hand Off Sweep to Back Side Mumbo

When in doubt, do what Georgetown Prep does, and add a mumbo.

It took me 38 seconds to draw this up because it features staples of offense I already use in other looks. 227 more words


Instagram Chalk Talk: 222 Wheel with Backside Screen

Perhaps not backside when all is said and done but a screen none the less.

This middie triangle is fairly commonplace. We want to make it a little more high risk high reward by asking #1 to throw a pass across is body back to #2 instead of big turning, playing it safe, and ruining everything by being the slowest human on the field. 339 more words



Winter is in full swing here as evidenced by the snowstorm we experienced two days ago. We are all still trying to dig ourselves out of the snow drifts, and small cars are getting hung up in the streets (I even saw a city bus stuck in a pile of snow). 245 more words


Monday Makes - Happily Ever After

Happy Monday.  :)  I actually like Mondays, it’s a day away from the salon for me and I get to spend some shopping time with my Mommy.  585 more words

Stampin' Up! Handmade Cards

CARD - No really, it's made with Chalk Talk

This is a fun one! I found some fantastic inspiration while perusing my Pinterest feed, and just *had* to figure out a way to CASE the design. 471 more words


Pennsylvania PIP Trivia

A motor vehicle accident occurs in Pennsylvania. The injured party has a NC driver’s license and a NC registered vehicle with a NC insurance policy, but he or she now live in PA. 163 more words

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