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Friday Fictioneers #2

Benton trod the dusty remains, unable to shake deserted dread. Weasel won the bet last night. Losing everything, he switched to souls. Benton feels broken; his body expecting the pain to come. 68 more words


Good Movie? Pssh. Let's Watch Sharknado!

You’ve seen Jaws, right? We’ve all seen Jaws. Jaws is a brilliant movie. It is a classic of cinematic art. Jaws has built lasting artifacts in our psyches: the theme song (duh- 3,872 more words

Are You Entwined by the Vines?

My favorite text to send to Tina is: “Hey, I’m playing with the chainsaw!”

Her answer is always the same: “Still got all your fingers and toes?” 266 more words

Portland Timbers striker celebrates by wielding a chainsaw after scoring a goal

It was a strange few minutes for Fanendo Adi during the Portland Timbers game against the Seattle Sounders on Monday. Not a bad few minutes, just a little strange. 68 more words


Disaster Relief !

Look it’s me writing about me writing about someone else writing about me writing about myself. Confused? Me too.

I have to say, though this was by far the best experience I have had to date and I suggest you read it and learn a little about it :D… 6 more words

If a tree falls in the forest...

A few days ago, as the night was winding down, we heard a loud noise out in front of the house. it was likely that a tree had fallen on the property. 125 more words


It’s ok, Mom, we’re just practicing a magic trick. No, really….she likes it!