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McDonald's: Fewer Happy Meals Are Being Ordered With Sodas

Back in the fall of 2013, McDonald’s decided to jump on the healthyish bandwagon and stopped pushing sodas with Happy Meals, removing them from the menu and marketing materials but still providing them to customers who ordered them. 303 more words

LEGO Investing $150M To Develop Sustainable Non-Plastic Materials For Brick-Making

Last year, LEGO made 60 million blocks out of the same plastic material the Danish company has been using since 1963. But the bricks of our childhood could one day be of a different substance, as LEGO has plans to spend a bunch of money figuring out how to develop new sustainable materials to replace plastic. 224 more words

making adjustments

This is my first time trying to make a pre-scheduled blog post, so hopefully it works and you’re reading this in the future (I’m writing this in the past?) and I’m still alive in Asia. 474 more words


A Powerful Portent of Change

My Sundays are pretty chill. I’m either baking cookies, watering my plants, riding my bicycle and napping beside the river or visiting my dad. Yesterday happened to be Dad visit day. 2,185 more words

Raise Your EQ

June 2015 Astrology - The Game Changer has Arrived

In all my years of reading, listening or watching  astrological forecasts, I have never seen anything quite like this. It would seem like the heavens themselves are opening a powerful and POSITIVE door of opportunity and perception which many of us have not seen nor experienced in years. 627 more words


A Vision of Things to Come

Apologies Shifters for not writing much these past few weeks – I’m also in the midst of a shift myself and Montreal went straight from winter right into summer these last few weeks and the warm weather leaves very little inclination to write.   2,512 more words


Lawmaker Urges Congress To Vote On Bill That Would Put A Woman On The $20 Note

You don’t have to look in your wallet to know that no paper U.S. currency features the face of an American woman, but one lawmaker wants that to change sometime soon: Rep. 302 more words