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My new reality (or, I hate change?)

Liver disease and a crap ton of meds to take to keep me out of the hospital…not to mention the mounting medical bills.

Student loans I can’t pay. 156 more words


Major Gateway Ahead for Serious Lightworkers

For my astrology-oriented and Pagan/White magick-oriented readers,  this is just a quick head’s up about this Friday’s solar eclipse.

It is literally taking place with the Sun in the final degree of Pisces, before entering Aries, meaning, it is taking place at the very, very end of the Zodiac wheel before entering a completely new cycle. 394 more words

Raise Your EQ

The Second Time Around

So, I’ve learned over the past year that I am a terrible blogger.

There are so many adventures that I wish I had shared, so many thoughts I wish I had voiced, and so many rants I wish I had unloaded (just what the blogosphere needs, another ranting mama!), but I’ve lacked motivation to accomplish anything more than keeping up with my housework. 199 more words

Shakti is the Agent of All Change

Shakti , meaning “Power” or “empowerment,” is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe… 1,784 more words

Raise Your EQ

I've always believed that comics books can help you understand life.

I’ve had a smidge of weltschmerz lately, along with a touch of ennui. Separately they are annoying. Together, they are frustrating in an extreme way. There are so many changes and I’ve learned that whenever you change your life (even if it’s for the better) you’re still going to look back with some sadness. 190 more words


New beginnings lead to... different endings.

A few years ago I had imagined my life to be very different from how it actually is. I’d thought that I’d be married to my ex, starting a family, having a life. 374 more words