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Lawmaker Urges Congress To Vote On Bill That Would Put A Woman On The $20 Note

You don’t have to look in your wallet to know that no paper U.S. currency features the face of an American woman, but one lawmaker wants that to change sometime soon: Rep. 302 more words

Tiny Game Time

President of Daybreak John Smedley was quoted this week as saying the era of the WoW-like MMO is over.  Citing shorter gaming sessions as a design goal for the company’s next titles, it pretty much shook the old guard’s core rather violently.   854 more words

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Failure To Be Undeniably Hot No Longer An Impediment To Getting A Job At Abercrombie & Fitch

In a further attempt to shed its image as a place where rippling six-packs and bronzed bodies go to commune with the hot powers that be, Abercrombie & Fitch is doing away with its policy on having only super hot sales associates in its stores, opening up its doors to anyone with a dream of selling khaki cargo shorts and pre-ripped jeans. 203 more words

Some more wisdom from The Shins.

The Shins – When I goose-step

“Go along with the plan, your head will still be there where you put it…”

Indie Rock

The New Radicals?

(Note: This post touches on a sensitive and insanely personal topic and I won’t be surprised if I lose some readers. No direct offense is intended in any way, shape or form to any group and for anyone who takes any offense, it is completely unintended so apologies in advance.   1,048 more words

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