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The Power of Water, Water Sigil and activation phrase Ra Ki Na Ere 'El Rahn


Lately I have been traveling and working with creating and enforcing certain grids, and it is why I keep insisting on the power of water and on the need to bless it. 1,180 more words

Channeled Material

Something spontaneous

Sometimes you just get the urge to paint something that makes you happy. For me, earlier this week, it was a curious little orca on a tiny 5″ x 7″ canvas panel that took about two hours from start to finish. 67 more words


Narwhals and Climate Change: Effects of rising ocean temperatures on the Arctic population of narwhals

L. Henderson \ Oceans First, Issue 2, 2015, pgs. 1-9.

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Climate change associated with increasing ocean temperatures is impacting the narwhal population of the Arctic Ocean, an area highly susceptible to rising temperatures. 148 more words

Review Paper

Dolphin Storms and Whales and Dolphins

By Eric Mooney

If you’ve happened to be paying attention to the weather in the western Pacific near Guam and the Marianas Archipelago this week, Typhoon Dolphin might sound familiar. 401 more words

Protected Species Division (PSD)

A Little Long in the Tooth

Originally published by ReefWatch SA in April 2015.

Marine mammals are beautiful and, like most of the ocean and its inhabitants, mysterious. It’s also hard to tell how old they are. 721 more words

Earth & The Environment

The Bower Pod - Commission

This was a REALLY fun commission I did recently! My client’s sister, who loves orcas (good taste), and her husband had a baby boy and the idea was to create a kind of “family portrait” featuring orcas in time for Mother’s Day. 137 more words