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SeaWorld still under fire... But are we doing enough?

Ever since Blackfish came out, SeaWorld has taken a lot of flack. They have lost a lot of high profile relationships, stock prices have plummeted, and public demands from researchers to stop misrepresenting their research to deceive the public. 250 more words

Welcome to the new 2015 Wildlife Officers

Welcome back to the 2015 Wildlife Officer blog!

If you are travelling on a Brittany Ferries ship between the UK and Spain between March 25th and September 30th this year, be sure to look out for the Wildlife Officers on board, join them for a deck watch, listen to their fantastic wildlife presentations and find out how you can get involved with marine conservation. 417 more words

Best! Day! EVER! - An Awe-Inspiring Day In The Field.

So every single day feels special and amazing when I get to be on the water researching killer whales! However, yesterday we had the day to top all days, the day that was better than any other day I have ever experienced on or off the water, potentially the best day of my life (too much…I think not!). 372 more words


Science team maps key ocean areas for marine mammals

With more offshore drilling on tap, regulators need more information to protect marine life

Staff Report

FRISCO — Along with a few small pockets of ocean already protected for marine mammals, biologists say there are hundreds of other areas that should be considered biologically important when making management and regulatory decisions about human activities that could affect whales, dolphins and porpoises. 397 more words


In Memory of the Dolphins Lost in "The Cove" Hunting 2014-2015

By Kirsten Massebeau

As another year of the Taiji dolphin drive hunting season ends dolphin activists worldwide take time for reflection as they contemplate and remember dolphins families and victims lost since September 1st. 1,136 more words