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Accidental Whale Portraits And Soundtraps!

We have had some pretty good whale days over the last week. Alongside getting fin shots I have also once or twice lucked out and managed to get some beautiful whale shots as they have surfaced to breathe. 290 more words


Animal Welfare: SeaWorld Takes Another Blow

Last week, SeaWorld lost another one of its marine mammals, reigniting the debate over whether cetaceans belong in captivity.

On Thursday, Nanuq the beluga whale died at SeaWorld Orlando after fracturing his jaw during an interaction with two other whales and later contracting an infection. 269 more words

Question Contest

Question: How big was the largest sulfur-bottom whale (blue whale) ever recorded?

Was it…

A. 230 feet

B. 85 feet

C. 110 feet

D. 65 feet? 24 more words



All the different types of orca, in one image. You’re welcome.


Response to Watson’s, “The Cetacean Brain and Hominid Perceptions of Cetacean Intelligence”

(Photo: Whit Welles Wiki Commons Wwelles14)

We are hardly the “paragon of animals” (Shakespeare, Hamlet), rather each animal is a paragon unto its species. 935 more words


Long Finned Pilot Whale Encounter!

Today we were surrounded by a massive pod of long finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas). It was an amazing sight to see as the rode the massive swell. 112 more words


She Just Came To Say Hello!

This individual popped up next to the boat yesterday afternoon. We had an absolutely amazing day on the water we were surrounded by a very large pod of long finned pilot whales at one point and then later the killer whales showed us some spectacular tail slapping behaviour.  101 more words