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Eavesdropping on an underwater world: Technology for Ocean Science

The ocean is not a quiet place.  Water can move rocks and sediment, even sufficiently to create underwater landslides.  Bivalves make clapping noises, fish make sounds during courtship, and cetaceans communicate with clicks and whistles, just to name a few.   940 more words

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Cetaceans in Captivity

Cetaceans in captivity… You all know where this article is going.  It’s wrong, just plain wrong, in 99% of cases.  The exceptions being where injured animals need to be taken into captivity for rehabilitation before being released back into the wild.   655 more words

On meeting Orca O319

One of the places I was determined to visit during our (utterly fantastic) trip west this month was the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. 259 more words


Peaceful waters and playful dolphins.

Tranquil Thursdays really did live up to its name this week with beautifully calm seas throughout the Bay of Biscay all day. The flat ocean made for perfect dolphin spotting with over 160… 694 more words

Humpback off Norfolk

It always happens when you aren’t there doesn’t it? On Sunday the 12th April as I was stood at the top of Cairngorm watching Snow Buntings and looking for Ptarmigan Kayn Forbes was lucky enough to film a cetacean in difficult windy conditions off Kelling. 279 more words

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USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) Underway in Japanese Waters Immediately Prior to Melon Headed Whale Stranding

By Kirsten Massebeau

150 melon headed whales washed up onto the shores of of Ibaraki, Japan April 10, 2015 (Japan time). Local residents and officials worked tirelessly to help the melon headed whales but sadly only three were eventually re-floated. 452 more words