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Dolphins near Mohéli island (Comores) 11 more words


Evolution: The Whale.

Resurrecting The Mammoth >

Darwin matters because evolution matters. Evolution matters because science matters. Science matters because it is the preeminent story of our age, an epic saga about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.
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Science & Evolution

HOOK, LINE & SINKER (or 'The pitfalls of a mixed marriage')

OK, I want to confide in you now…

Two years ago I got married. And it was a very good wedding, you know, a nice short service and a small intimate reception, nothing fancy, just real nice. 1,429 more words

Comedy Fiction

Basilosaurus, the Bone Crushing Whale That Was Mistaken For a Lizard

Last week we saw this vertebra and lower jaws of Basilosaurus.

The history of Basilosaurus is intimately tied to Arkansas. Alabama and Mississippi may have claimed… 488 more words


Jan 15th show with Clara Engel and Cetacea

As the poster says: PWYC, Jan 15, 9pm, Johnny Jackson 587 College Street.


Another incoherent rant by the tweaker Kiril Zdravkov at KVZ Music

If anyone understand what any of this means, let me know but here is another post by this odd guy that i think is in love with me or was or something because he acts like we were in some type of relationship where i broke up with him but the irony is that I am a heterosexual guy. 814 more words


KVZ Music Owner makes claim about defamation on the same site he uses for libel and defamation, on a fake web site on a fake site he made up years ago, and he claims trademark infringement on the same web site he uses that infringes on other trademark names

Now, the tweaker is claiming defamation on the very site he uses to libel and defame me. And, then, he is claiming trademark infringement while he uses my trademark on the same site he does it and has illegally done it for over two years while he says there’s a fake blog on the same fake blog he made up years ago. 1,205 more words

Don Lichterman