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The Night Terrors 

I suffer from peripheral neuropathy (PN), a condition similar to but different than that from diabetic neuropathy. Although a lot isn’t known about PN, there are some general symptoms that are often shared by those afflicted by it, including but not limited to: it generally starts and worsens at night (nocturnal progression), it can be caused by a wide variety of things, some of which are “unknown”, it is generally managed with medications to some degree (better in some patients and not so well with others), can strike without warning even when one is doing as they should to manage the disorder, and varies widely in its intensity and the location effected. 434 more words


Good Day Turned Bad 2

Good day turned bad

Warning, might be triggering or gross

I am still trying to be positive as today was a good day but on the way home, I leaked more than I have in the past, got bladder spasms while peeing, and my ankle has decided to throb with severe intensity. 755 more words


Don’t Miss These 3 Upcoming Crawford Educational Services Training Classes

Whether you’re an adjuster, risk manager, insurance company or employee, you realize just how important it is to remain competitive in today’s business world. Continuing education and performance support tools can help give you an edge over others. 268 more words

Education And Development

Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition: A Sleek Laptop Gets Bigger and Better

LAS VEGAS — Samsung’s Book 9 is one of the better laptop designs you can buy, and it’s (literally) getting a big upgrade for 2014. The ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition, introduced at CES, is a 15.6-inch model that sports the same curved wedge design that made the original Series 9 a p…

The Mahakam River.

The challenge for river enthusiasts in Borneo, after experimentally testing themselves on the minor rivers, is the Mahakam, the country’s longest river. Rising some one thousand kms in the central mountains it wanders down to the coast near Samarinda where it empties its self into the the Makassar Straights by way of a large delta. 1,905 more words

Come funzionano NPS, CES e le metriche di CX?

AICEX: Per misurare l’esperienza in maniera adeguata devi affidarti a più metriche.

There’s been a recent uptick in people asking me about Customer Effort Score (CES), so I thought I’d share my thoughts in this post. 545 more words

Customer Experience

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

I had Easter dinner same as always, at my sister’s house. And as usual, I overate. I couldn’t help myself as there was a lot of good food and goodies afterwards. 583 more words