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Deal 280: Trapped.

It all began with a simple phone call. A wrong number, actually, but the caller hung on to chat for a minute, sounding so in need of an ear to bend that I couldn’t easily hang up. 672 more words


More on assurance...

We’ve been hearing about assurance the last few weeks at church (esp. Romans 5:1–11), and so I thought I’d share some online articles I’ve found helpfully clear: 41 more words

Deal 280 Preview

There and Back Again:
Through Phone, Certainty, and Eye.
Then through nose, Against all odds, and alarm.

Daily Deal


Verification: n. creating certainty that a subset(s) is true and/or accurate and/or justified

How frequently have you asked? Verify this for me. In effect you want to find out if what you were told is true, accurate, and even justified so that you can proceed with your own decision about the matter or act accordingly. 125 more words

Common Sense

(05/24/2015) Knowing?

Today, points are shared on knowing, revelation and trust as operations completed by divinity among Christian believers.  The challenge to us in 2015 is not to discover or create a completely new system of sacred belief; it is that we affirm and embrace the things provided already as a gift from GOD.  While those born again learn to “know” by faith (not by sight), they also acquire divine consciousness by contemplation and reflection as well as through such experience as bereavement, giving, fellowship, obedience to law, parenting, service, study, and suffering.  A writer at “Yahoo! 737 more words


You Just Don't Know

The belief that ‘we can know’ logically presupposes ‘knowing’. But on what grounds can the premise, ‘we can know’, be asserted with any degree of certainty? 396 more words

Duggar Family: Sexual Abuse Counseling Nightmare

About a year ago, I wrote of the resignation of the cult leader, Bill Gothard, whose theology and practices have greatly influenced the now-destroyed… 425 more words