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self-care intervention

I forgot to take care of myself. I was working hard, using every spare minute in the studio, taking care of my family, and generally running myself a bit ragged. 110 more words


more awesome

Last year I wrote about my son and his friends and how wonderful it was that they were so in touch with their own awesome-ness… 153 more words


things I've learned in my 40's

This article in the NYT about what the author has learned in her forties inspired me to make my own list.

Some things I’ve learned in my 40’s: … 285 more words


still at the beach (in my mind)

A few days ago I came home from this beautiful spot.  But I’m still there in my heart and mind.

I’ll be back in the studio and ready to blog the week of September 8th.  27 more words

Certain Inspirations

time to find words

I am an artist who loves images.

I am also a writer who loves words.

This month I’m spending time with my writer self, opening up some doors in my mind that have been closed a little too long. 49 more words


artist homework: get ready for more support

After writing The Proper Care and Feeding of your Artist last week I realized that if we artists are going to ask for more support from friends and family we need to define our terms. 303 more words


The proper care and feeding of your artist

Lately I’ve read a number of posts from artists who wish their family and friends were more supportive of their lives as artists. This got me thinking … perhaps part of the problem is that our loved-ones aren’t always sure how to offer the right kind of help and support. 539 more words