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Review: MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Prime

It’s time for me to stop claiming that I’m not really that into headphone listening.

Oh, I listen to loudspeakers more, it’s true. It’s easier to log a lot of hours listening when you’re not literally tethered to a device. 2,553 more words


Coming soon: HiFi-Skÿn

IndieGoGo is all the rage, apparently, and perhaps for very good reason — it allows many smaller, boutique would-be vendors to get a real handle on their potential markets prior to actually building (and spending) anything. 1,646 more words


Review: Glove Audio A1 DAC and headphone amplifier

By Michael Mercer

Introducing Glove

The DAP (digital audio player) segment has exploded in the past two years. Innovation is driving rapid product progression. What you bought two years ago will not be obsolete, exactly, but it… 3,207 more words


Newport 2014: CEntrance shows a Mini-M8 and Glove

The CEntrance table at Newport had two sweet surprises. The first was the Mini-M8. This is the new slimmed-down version of the best-selling headphone DAC/amp combo, the HiFi-M8, but this time there’s real (output) support for IEMs. 204 more words