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"Obamacare has hurt my family"

Obamacare is among the worst abuses of a free citizenry in the history of mankind, considering the level of satisfaction across America with the previous health care system (85% were happy with it), the lies that were told by government bureaucrats in gaining its passage in Congress (lies confirmed by the Jonathan Gruber tapes), and the degree of financial pain it has caused millions of families and the consciously delayed (by Obama himself, in unconstitutional fashion) severe pain for all citizens yet to come (not just financial, but the dwindling access to the very health care that the insurance is supposed to pay for). 720 more words

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Obamacare Trips Over Unintended Consequences -- Again

Obamacare is a destroyer that knows no bounds and has an insatiable hunger to rip apart the soul of the American middle class.

Staples was recently in the news after mr. 177 more words

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Socialism in Venezuela, Same as Socialism Anywhere

I saw the following opening paragraph in the latest news coming out of Venezuela, home to the former Hugo Chavez regime and the present ongoing Socialist regime of his successor, and I didn’t bother to read the rest of the story (because those of us who pay attention to history already know how the story ends): 109 more words

Central Planning Failures

Obamacare back-end still not fixed, Government sends 800,000 Americans wrong tax info

On Friday, the government scam known as healthcare.gov had another massive failure:

The Obamacare website had another major stumble on Friday when the White House revealed it sent hundreds of thousands of customers bad tax information. 464 more words

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Bill Clinton Sexcapades -- this guy was president?

Since the day he left office, Bill Clinton has been working overtime on boosting his “Legacy”, and with good reason — he needs to.  Despite great promise as a transformational politician and leader, he chose instead to use the White House as a pit of corruption, lawlessness, and personal aggrandizement while simultaneously weakening American power on a global scale and failing to hold Al Qaeda accountable as it struck our interests with impunity around the world, ultimately culminating in the September 11 attacks. 374 more words


Oil & Gas Boom despite, not because of, Obama

The Keystone Pipeline is in the news again because a Republican-led Congress is reviving a reasonable energy policy and putting the ball back in the Manchurian’s court. 315 more words


U.S. Postal Service: another central government failure

I saw this opening paragraph by a Liberal writer and laughed:

The U.S. Postal Service is going out of business, partly because of mismanagement. <Fiscal Times, … 98 more words