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CMU Students Brave Cold Water for Special Olympics

Central Michigan University’s campus is filled with dozens of clubs and organizations dedicated to bettering the community and advocating for a cause. There are numerous fundraisers, philanthropy events, and seminars held on campus to impassion other students with similar activist attitudes and aspirations to make a difference. 368 more words

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A Place to Find Your Voice - News Central 34

Shaun Bednard is a sports anchor at Central Michigan’s award-winning News Central 34, a student ran nightly news broadcast.

Bernard, a freshman at CMU’s school of broadcast and cinematic arts, is passionate about sports broadcasting and has used News Central 34 as a platform to find his on-air style while developing skills that will prove beneficial in the future. 28 more words

Central Michigan University

One CMU Freshman's Passion for IM Sport

Christian Taylor is a Freshman at Central Michigan University.  He has already participated in Intramural football, soccer and now dodge ball.  Along with these he plans on continuing his IM experience by joining more teams, in different sports.  13 more words

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A drummer and his band

Interchangeable Dad is a band of three Central Michigan University students who all have one thing in common: a love for music. Together, they play house shows, write and perform their own music and have recently recorded a few of their songs. 30 more words

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Hall Council's Mock Rock competition

Abigail Elbing is a Sophomore at Central Michigan University.  She is the president of her hall council.  This interview is a glimpse of her involvement in preparation for a Mock Rock for the Dream conference.

Central Michigan University

Thomás Barrett, A Soccer Player, Coach, Student, and Teacher

Thomás Barrett, a graduate assistant at Central Michigan University, is currently both a student and teacher trying to earn his masters. He works with different athletes by using heart rate monitors to regulate their work loads and assists with injury prevention. 19 more words

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