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Leadership in Social Media

I’ve always been told that social media is a double edge sword. It can be great to promote and connect, but it also hinders social skills and advocates fraud. 986 more words

Leadership Development

Wordle of Central Michigan University's Mission, Vision and Values

Central Michigan University’s Mission, Vision and Values help students, faculty and community members understand how the university runs, what it believes in and it’s vision for its students. 9 more words


Wisconsin Breweries Map

From the classics to craft beer, Wisconsin is a state that cherishes a great brew. Here are a few popular breweries to get you started.


Sibs Weekend Entertainment Committee

A day without laugher is a day wasted

Welcome to the best committee there is!! Being on Sibs Weekend Entertainment committee was one of the best experiences I have ever had. 150 more words


I'm a Tour Guide!!

Do more of  what makes you happy

One more thing to check off my bucket list, I’m a CA offiCiAllay (I know it is officially). 144 more words


Day five of Adult Education

Turn you day into ultimate value

Chef Taylor in the house!! Today was Bri and I’s day to cook dinner, so we decided to make a pizza. 223 more words


Day Four of Adult Education

Learn how to learn, it’s life most important skill

Today during service I had the wonderful opportunity to work give our presentation on communication again. 320 more words