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Does the Majority "Grant" Us Our Rights?

Edit: Apparently the comment was made in the middle of a debate over the Supreme Court recent decision on same-sex marriage. Only goes to show that both sides of the Left-Right spectrum… 424 more words


Good grief!

Watching the debates and heated exchanges on Facebook over the past week concerning Confederate flags and gay marriage has only reminded me of why I don’t… 89 more words


Discrimination for me, but not for thee

Jeffrey Tucker made the following observation on the issue of discrimination (bold emphasis added).

Notice how anti-discrimination law applies to the producer but not the consumer.

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Playing with (holy) fire

In my last post I wrote about how one of the main driving forces behind the anti-same-sex marriage movement is that it’s not just about “keeping the government” out of the bedroom. 791 more words


Licensing all Marriages Equally

Rejoice, comrades!

Our modern day ephors have issued their ex cathedra pronouncement on our freedom to marry, a freedom that comes from the state! Now all Americans have the freedom to get their relationship… 172 more words

Central Government

Defining Cowardice

Inasmuch as I find the whole Confederate flag controversy to be worthy of nothing more than an eye roll, at the same time I happen to also believe it has a silver lining. 259 more words

Central Government

Hell's Angels

If men were angels, no government would be necessary.

That is a famous quote taken from Federalist #51 by James Madison reflecting on the nature of man and the necessity of government.

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