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The summer grinds on

Mornings dawn early,

and launch quickly

Into scorching days.

The sun beats down

Pretty parrots slump

On bitumen

So baking hot… 164 more words


Geronimo and Horseshoe Canyons

On Sunday I had the pleasure of joining Tom and a troop of six other SBW members on a pleasant and most enjoyable 11hr canyoning trip through… 267 more words


Packing up at Mutijulu

My husband and I┬ájust got back from moving Uncle Peter’s gear from his home at Mutijulu, to Alice Springs where he will now be living. 513 more words



Yuendumu is located approximately 280km north west of Alice Springs. This post includes a brief overview of aboriginal and european occupation, conflicts and difficulties faced by the people who lived in the area. 1,871 more words

Australian Abattoirs

Bond Springs (NT)

More commonly known as Wamboden abattoir, located 30km north of Alice Springs. This facility processes camels.

Other Names

  • Wamboden abattoir

Current Operation

Australian Abattoirs